Strategic Training and Development Process

Strategic Training and Development Process

Strategic training and development process refers to a projected plan that integrates an organization's goal, guidelines, and actions.

Steps in the Strategic Training and Development Process

Appropriate company plans formulation and identification

For a company to start a projected business strategy, the important objects that get identified first are the mission, vision, goals, and values required for a company to run. Next is a view of the internal study of the strengths and weaknesses together with an external focus on the opportunities and threats that conquer the company currently or gets expected.

Suitable strategic training and growth initiative

Accelerating the pace of employee learning ensures that the work environment is suitable to support learning and transfer of training activities. For example Improvement of customer services, providing development opportunities, communicating with employees and using knowledge sharing. 

Accurate Training and development activities

Entails use of modern technology like the internet for training. For example development of many websites for information sharing about the company, creation of development planning obligations and enhancement of amount of customer service training.

Metrics that prove the importance of training

Metrics are used to determine whether the program used resulted in business associated result of the organization.

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