Staying Organized Even in the Chaos of Change

Staying Organized Even in the Chaos of Change

Trying to stay organised in this hectic world is a challenge. Our lives are chaotic too. We have schools, colleges and jobs to go to; rush back home to the family and set time out for chores, homework and walks in the park. It may seem like a normal routine, but then we complete the day with many things still undone. Why is this so? Maybe because we ran out of time; or we had better things to do; or because we were unorganised. The key to our chaotic life is an organization, staying organised. But how does one stay organised with the constant need to adopt and adapt change? It's confusing. In today's world, we don't get much time to think. We do whatever we have to think then about it again. If the thinking made any sense, we are satisfied, if not, we redo it again. Change is unavoidable, and there's no doubt that it's messy when we are not ready for it. And it may leave serious implications. Change needs to be adapted psychologically as well as physically. We need to be open to change. But making it work is the most challenging part. Trying to keep things organised or staying organised in the chaos of change is not everyone's cup of tea. There are so many things to do in so little time. Experts say we should make a timetable and work accordingly, but it's not that easy. With transformations taking place time and again, it's difficult to stay organised, but not impossible.


Chaos cannot be removed altogether. It can be management. The main idea is to stay organised. Organization brings about efficiency and reliability. It makes the work easier and faster. We can stay organised by:

•    Keep a calendar handy -its best to keep the calendar updated with upcoming holidays and events; important birthdays and anniversaries in the family. We can mark our day offs and children's school holidays to plan accordingly.

•    Menu - we should all have a pre-planned menu. It helps in keeping us focused. Moreover, it saves the time. We don't have to think about what we have to prepare. Just follow the menu.

•    Notebook - always carry a notepad to for planning and organisation. Write down the main points and ideas. We can either make a step-by-step outline or detail it down.

•    Include children - if there are children in the family, we should assign them simple chores such as wipe the table or help set the table for supper. This helps in getting the work done faster.

•    Deadline - always work in meeting the deadline. This saves time, and we can get other things done.

•    Attitude change - we need to be flexible. Don't have a negative attitude. Always be positive. By staying positive, we can get a lot of things done.

We should set our priorities right, do those things first which are time-consuming. We can also work in teams to get most of the work done. With the advent of technology, we can now keep ourselves organised and updated with our smartphones, and tablets. The necessary changes can be made whenever and wherever. Plus, it's very effective and useful. To get household chores done, specific days need to be set aside for cleaning and washing clothes. It's best to set a particular day every week. Then we can get onto other work. Scheduling the day in advance is another good option. We can mark our diaries with meetings, important appointments and accomplishments for the day. Then we can work through it. This makes the day productive and efficient. At the end of the day, there are no regrets. We should also take time out for a breather. A short break always works wonders. Breaks are important as it helps to refresh the mind, body and soul. A little snack to go along such as club sandwiches, doughnuts or cupcake with hot coffee or tea is always great. Some people like to take frequent short breaks as they feel it improves their working capacity. Breaks help in keeping us away from stress. It prevents us from overworking ourselves. We should also keep in mind to stay fit. Schedule a little workout before the start of the day. After we get up, it's best to go for a brisk walk or run around the block or to the nearest park. By doing so, we are stretching our muscles and getting in the clean and fresh air. Between tight schedules and chaotic changes, we also need to look after ourselves.

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