Spreading Your Wings While Building Your Mind

Going to an Out of State University: Spreading Your Wings While Building Your Mind

As easy as it may sound as hard it maybe, starting to build your professional knowledge away from hometownis a dream that all high school students dream of yet it is not that easy!Moving to study in another state similar in many aspects to study abroad. Although different states within the same country have the same flag, still a lot of differences occur due to the wide expand of the country. States of the same country have different education systems, culture, and laws. Things that is considered allowed in some states may be not acceptable in other states.

Starting with education,the knowledge gained by the child in his early stage mostly adopted from the environment surrounding him. Growing near the forest, students learn how to preserve trees and how to deal with wild surrounding animals. On the other hand, teachers in pre and mid schools in the city are more concerned withstudents' safetyin busy roads and how studentsshould be careful around strangers. As a result of different education and knowledge given to the children, children develop skills that are mostly related to their environments.

Moving out from being a teenager who depends on his/her parents in most of their life aspects such as cooking, cleaning and driving, to being an adult is a great leap that even getsharder by moving away in another state(Kenny 1987). Moving to different state allows students to bemore separate completely from their familieswithin a short time. Moving students build strong character and considered to be more self-dependence individuals comparing to students that prefer to study in their hometown.Yet the attachment with their families for both type of students is important to pass thefirst year safely. Settling and choosing new study is easier for students that still have emotional attachments to their families(Kenny 1987). Keeping connection with the family in the first year where the student can consult his/her parents is significant and allows for faster adjustment to the new environment.

Step by step student starts to build independent live, moving to city grow the individual knowledge. Continuing education develop the new skills related to new environment. Summer jobs in the new place offer a good opportunity for the freshman students to expand their connections and mingle with different types of people. The difference in the available jobs between the two states gives a chance for the student to develop new skills that ease his/her way in a future job. Growing relations help to accelerate the adaptation of the freshman to their new lives. The feeling of independence and the ability to support his life grow faster and sharper with the boys that trying to prove themselves and gaining the other partner trust(Kenny 1987). Therefore, boys tend to move to adolescence stage in short time and for those staying far from home their instinct ofself-dependent are even sharper.

Creative thinking showed to be related to the multicultural university community, students in multicultural environment develop experiences in communication skills (Carlson and Widaman 1988, Lee, Therriault et al. 2012). Not just the international student benefit from studying abroad but the national students that communicate with them grow knowledge and skills as well due to cross-experience in-between.

In the university it is quite significant that students develop their skills in conjugative complex tasks in the multicultural environment regardless the place they take their knowledge. Group projects that force most of students to test their ability to work in groups can be faced with enormous difficulties. The background of the students plays an important role in the formation of the groups. In some cases, the students encounter a challenge when placed into groups, some groups are predetermined by student's circles leaving out the new or individuals that don't have many friends. Students expectation include that moving to a new city means making new friends, where some students have appealing characters that make them succeed in their new lives, others fails. The stress that students encounter in the beginning of their lives due to moving to a new place while the other students already moved from high school to university within thesame city makes it harder for some students to adopt and they are mostly left out.

Accent is one of the major difficulty that most countryside people had to face upon moving to universities located in the city. Although international students may have the same problem still their way of dealing with their differences differ from local students. International students with bilingual or even multilingual may have an accent that is strong for others to understand, yet their ability to talk in another language give them privilege over the countryside students.

As the language is defined as the words that people understand due to having characteristic pronunciation, and the methods of combining those words are understood by community(Webster 2005). Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish have the ability to communicate and understand each other which widen the community circle for those students. Similar to Chinese and Vietnamese students the heavy English accent can be understood in-between those students allows them to develop a community of their own. By that, students from same country that have same language would define each other according to their ethnic and states thus make it harder for countryside students to make friends.

Dream come to an end, the difference between two environments the student hometown and the university environment can result to small culture shockwhen the student return to their hometown comparing to international students (Kartoshkina 2015).Moving to city usually accompanied by believing that the student he/she moving to have more opportunities. The students who moved from countryside to the city similar to international students try to find jobs in the area around their universities (Christofi and Thompson 2007). Collision with the reality happens after studentsfinish their study and find out that city world is full of unemployment graduates that dash to any available jobs.

The ability of the student to go back to their hometown where he/she was raised becomes harder for students that were more separated from their hometown. The gap increases with students that were not mature enough at the time they left their hometown or had difficulties grown in their environment; such as problems in gaining friends or family problems. While some feel after returning to their hometown things have changed and they can't adopt, others expressed their disappointment that nothing has changed and that life in their hometown is boring.

Yet not all moving back means difficulties, still among the returning students those who find better jobs in their hometown due to increasing their working skills and creativity thus most of the time they areoffered high positions in their hometowns.

All the difficulties does not change the fact that moving away to another city during college stage change personality either in negative or positive way.

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