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Smoking in USA

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Tobacco use was started in USA in 18th and 19th century in the many forms like cigars and chewing tobacco. But in twentieth century it was commonly used in the form of citrate in the USA.  It has created many negative effects in the society especially in the youngsters. It have lots of affects for the whole society in the USA which automatically affects the US economy. (M. Burns, et al.)

McDonald, P. Hertz stated that first of all if we see the different organizations which are the most important part for the economic growth of the USA mostly affects by the smoking. Most of the people use smoke which reduce the productivity of the organizations because it increase the absenteeism. When people use cigarette it creates the different types of chronic diseases which affect the people and that's why absenteeism increase. It not only affects those people who use cigarette but also the others who live with smokers.

            In ash fact sheet it is stated that as the trend of smoking increasing day by day so it affects the children. There are many factors who influence the children for smoking. Media plays an important role and is the largest factor which influence them. In different movies people use the smoke and movies has a great effect on children. Otherwise family members who are the smokers are the other big factor who can influence their children because those people who use the cigarette two to three times can also make their children smokers.

This research is about the existence of smoking and its effects on the people. In this research I will explore the negative effects of smoking and will show that how smoking affects the society and the economy of the United States in the various ways.

In public health guide it is stated that Smoking have the various effects on the health. Many other parts of body effect through it. Cancer is the most common disease which can be occur due to smoking. It damage the lungs badly and leads to the lungs cancer which become the cause of death. Through survey in the U.S it is shown that death rate through smoking is more than the natural death. Heart also face the various problems due to smoking. For example cardiovascular disease occur in which blood cannot reach to the heart because vascular walls becomes narrow which increase the blood pressure and leads to the heart attack.

Not only cigarette is used in United States but there are many other types which are used as a smoke like electronic cigarette in which nicotine is filled in the device. The chemicals which are used in electronic cigarette are also harmful for the respiratory system. World health organization claims regarding the harmful effects of electronic cigarette. Except electronic cigarette hookah is now commonly used in the different bars in which not only different flavors are used but tobacco is also used which is dangerous for health. It also creates lungs cancer and other heart and mouth diseases. Otherwise kreteks are used which is imported from Indonesia. These different modern cigarettes are very dangerous for the health but people do not understand this reality. (C.T Gov.)

In a report of Surgeon general it is stated that in many cities of U.S smoke free law has been implemented which has a great impact on the organizations. This law is a great action to reduce the different types of health diseases. Through this law a safe environment can create which can reduce the death rate in USA. Otherwise different smoking or tobacco control programs and strategies have been made in United States that helps to create a free of health diseases and deaths due to the smoking. End game strategy is included to eliminate the smoke free environment.


Through different surveys and research which were conducted in the work environment it has been proven that smoking through cigarette is the biggest cause of deaths in United States. These surveys also show that smoking also creates the absenteeism at workplace. Due to illness and the many other diseases which are caused by smoking creates no interest in the work. It is a really difficult situation to take the effective and efficient work from smokers. All these things leads to the negative effects on the productivity of the organizations and organizations suffer the critical situations and their profitability effects. (T. Halpern. et al.)

In American cancer society it is stated that there are many benefits if smoking free workplace create in United States. Not only organizations gains the benefits in the form of profitability but employers also gain the safe workplace environment. Organizations can reduce the health care cost in this way this cost can be used in the efficient manner. Employees take interest in their work and complete the work on deadline which is a good point for the organizations. Smokers and non-smokers both get benefits from such type of strategies and smoke free environment.

There are some responsibilities of the employers in the organizations that they should protect their staff from different chemicals which are used for smoking. Health and safety act also focus on the duty of employer to provide the safe working environment to the employees so that they can easily do work with full attention and courage. Otherwise children which are present on many workplaces like shopping malls, schools etc. also effect through these actions of smoking. So the protection of workplace not only will save the environment and the employees but also the children which are very important part of our society. (Halpern and Taylor)

Sulzberger stated that everyone should take the specific action to create the smoke free environment. That's why every organization should take the first step in hiring. Employee which is hired for an organization should take an urine test of them so that it smokers cannot enter in the environment and it should be a strict rule in the organization that if any person will caught during the smoking activity then he or she will be terminate. In this way this specific action can save the environment form such illegal activities and the heath cost will be decreased which is a benefit for the organization.

So smoking should be banned from the USA and every person should take the responsibility so that diseases should be cured and deaths can be reduced and the productivity can be enhance of the organizations. Because if the productivity will enhance then automatically it will have a great impact on the country's economy. 

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