Slavery and Beginning Of Slavery in America


While researching books published about slavery, I discovered a large number of authors who have published books about slavery.  Regarding that the books are many I decided to choose an artist by the name Carol Perkin who printed a book of quality literature about slavery. Carol Perkin, the stunning author, had positioned the Slavery in America literature into a historical context by deeply elaborating what is the slavery, the beginning of slavery, the facts about slavery, slavery timeline, how long slavery lasted and when slavery ended. Carol Perkin has also discussed a bit of historical context as to why the South still want to keep slavery.  I construct a goal in this slavery literature paper by using Carol Perkin's source from the Beginning of Slavery research by connecting three other handbooks of different authors.

In the accomplishment of my particular goal, my paper gets planned into two sections of discussion.  In the first section, I have discussed Slavery in America. My first section gets further subdivided into subsection containing the slavery definition, slavery facts about America, slavery timeline, when slavery started, how long slavery lasted and slavery in the modern world today. In the second part of my slavery literature paper, I have discussed why the South f America people still keep slavery.  I finalize my paper by stating the disadvantages of slavery and conclude an illustration that slavery should end.  

Beginning Of Slavery in America

Slavery Definition

Slavery means carrying and selling of slaves inform of business.  The merciless business of transporting slaves began in the early decades 15th century, a period when West African got explored by the people carrying out slavery including the Portuguese. First, the business of slavery trade created in small numbers whereby little black people were taken by Portuguese about 1650 approximately. For example when slave trade began the black people were transported to the European countries to serve the white people (Carol, 2011).

Start of Slavery

Carol Perkin, 2011 states that slavery in America began in the early 18 to 19 decades. Slavery in America referred to the official establishment of human beings mistreatment in the 18 decades after America gained independence although this slavery in America also began before the America war that was civil ended. Slavery from early periods of colonial gets practiced in British North America thus was lawful in all colonies that existed in America at that time. America gained independently in 1776, and by that time there were thirteen colonies which were allowed lawfully to carry out the slavery business of moving and selling human beings.

The reason as to why slave trade began was as a result of plantation or agricultural practices that took place on the colonized Caribbean island and American land the business grew slow by slow as some black people increased the time to time. Africans have carried away due to the high level of poverty they had nothing to sustain their daily need especially the food was the primary underlying need (Carol, 2011).

Slave trade impacted most of the European countries since they were able to find cheap labor in their plantations. This farm included sugar cane plantations where slaves were demanded or were forced to cultivate. Business took place from the emerging countries where black people were many in Africa. Atlantic slave trade transportation of slaves business was economical in the lives of individuals because it involved traveling long distances since people were to cover long distances before they reach the destination (Carol, 2011). However, the journey was tiresome, and some slaves even died on their way due to hunger.

Slaves were forced to cultivate crops, clearing of forest and were then compelled to mine precious metals. Slaves were expected to work hard in the European countries this continued as the number continually increased, most West African countries were affected by this trade (Gregory, 2011). For example, the Dutch people got affected because they were forced to move out of their homeland.

The number of slaves who got carried from their homes to the slavery lands was high. From the seven continents, these people were forced to work in big plantation farms, cultivation is the work that the slaves conducted in the farms, and most the slaves were the black people (Carol, 2011). Slave trade made their journey to be in centuries and quarterly after 1700 decades. The majority of slaves got brought to Northern parts of America in 1720 and 1780.After that in 1821 to 1830 about 80,000 black people leaving in Africa engaged in slave ship

According to the constitutional law that existed at that time slavery business occurred many times because it was the only economic value to the emerging countries. During this time of transporting slaves, black people suffered many things, men and women were separated and remained naked and also got chained for long in the voyage. Slavery contributed negatively to black people since many of them died along the way, black people suffered mercilessly while in the journey due to harsh weather and hunger many of them died on their way (Gregory, 2009).

Slavery End in America

According to the research conducted by Deny Focally, it indicates that slavery ended on eighteenth December eighteen sixty-five. Slavery ended because the law got changed and a new constitution was amended.  A statement got issued by the Secretary of the State Government by the name William. This secretary verified that according to the thirteenth amendment that was implemented the constitution of America ends the slavery because the civil war was over.

Several arguments on the end of slavery got brought up because individuals who carried out this business were not happy about this. The argument got based on the fact that the plantations they owned had no one to work on them. But the president of that era Lincoln released an inspiration message stating that the end of slavery has to be pushed forward because slavery has no benefit instead many people are losing lives from the sad state of treatment (Deny, 2006).

Moreover, from the debates that got held, a big number of people were not happy with the end of slavery. Slavery lasted for many decades, and when a new constitution of America was released, the law allowed the end of slavery because many people got treated wrongly and others died due to hunger. At the end of the civil war, a large number of citizens in Africa had hopes that slavery could end because it lasted for so long. When the war was over a new constitution was released, and this was the end of slavery. The slavery People were happy because a big number of the slavery people returned to their homelands (Carol, 2011).

Slavery Facts

Gregory states that there are many slavery facts that people do not know since they are secretive. Some of the facts are that most slaves that got taken to America from Africa got purchased from the same black people. It is funny because how your person from the same country sells you to another country to do forced labor. It is a fact that in the early decade's people had no mercy to each other all they wanted was money and to be known rich.

Another fact is that slavery was ordinary for many decades and it still exists in some continents. The American Indians owed many black slaves because African people in the early decades preferred being rich through illegal ways.  Another fact shows that it is the white people who discovered that slavery is wrong thus they began to stop it because slavery led to many deaths. For instance, slavery was a legal act according to the early century's law (Gregory, 2009).

Slavery Today

In the modern world today, slavery still exists but the today slavery is not seen by many because it is done differently from the past slavery.  Examples of the today slavery include Child labor, domestic violence on children, international trafficking of women to different continents and forced labor to innocent human beings. Today child labor is almost everywhere because most of the street children have lost their parents and therefore these children lack a parental guidance and care. The child runs to the streets to seek for something better that they can do to get food. Most of these kids have turned to beggars in the streets (Holmes, 2012).

Child labor and forced labor arises due to lack of parental guidance care, loss of parents while young and lack of somebody caring for the street children. Forced labor is a process of pushing a human being to do something related to work, but at the end,  no payment that gets made to them. Most children in the perfect world today are forced to perform duties that even beyond their age because they have lived. These children are taken to bid plantations to perform heavy tasks, but they are not paid instead they are harassed and chased away without any money (Holmes, 2012). For instance, this leads to children moving to the streets to act as beggars in the towns or they turn out to be thugs.

Research conducted by Kelly Holmes indicates that slavery will never have and end because people will never see what is wrong and what is right. Kelly Holmes states that women's trafficking is evolving today.  Holmes says many people disappear and no individual knows where this particular person went. The research shows that many people who just go anyhow get taken to slavery or most women are taken and forced to act as workers in the fields of pornographic films because no payment is given to them because they are slaves.

Slavery in the South

The defense of slavery in the South of America got defended highly. Arguments arose in the Southern because they did not want to end the slavery in their country.  Those who supported slavery in America saw that many impacts in their continent were to be affected. The defenders considered effects of economics decrease, history reinforcement, religion discrimination, the legality of the constitution, and the social goods of the people in the Southern and political consequences (Deny, 2006).

The major point of avoiding an end of slavery in the Southern was that the people relied too much on the slavery than any other thing. On the fact of the economy, the defenders knew that the economy could run down because the slaves worked for free and not paid, so the economy was high. Most of the economy in the Southern came from the tobacco and rice plantations. The defender believed that end of slavery was too intense and kill the great economy of the country because their growth of the economy was due to the slaves who worked for free on the plantations of the Southern part.

Defending of slavery in the Southern was difficult because the defenders were evil and argued that all slaves cannot get fled because if the government chooses people to work in the plantations, the possibility of unemployment to many people gets considered because there could be chaos in the choice of the workers. Because the individuals in the Southern were not used to such plantation works.  So the probability of the decrease in the economy value was high because the produce of products could get low (Deny, 2006).

Deny says that the defenders of slavery in the Southern argued that slavery existed all through their History, so they did not any need of ending slavery. The defenders of slavery believed so because slavery was deliberately the National symbolic state of the present humanity. However, they based their historical context on an argument that the Greeks, Romans, and the White people had slavery business from the past and even up to this present era.

Another reason as to why slavery still exists in the Southern is because the defenders of slavery act view a biblical concept that even in the bible Abraham had slaves.  So they have a belief that even it's a past generation and slavery should continue but they have a poor view of imagination. The defenders of slavery in the Southern did not listen to the court orders as the law states, so they turned to the rulers and said that the blacks had no right to stand in court because they owed them as their property of economic values. The defenders also stated that the Southern institution was divine hence the contrast of the poor people in Europe and slave workers in the Northern states were cared for better (Deny, 2006).

Conclusion and Recommendation

Slavery is an evil act of business because it has led to the loss of many lives; slavery should not be practiced in any continent because it is a weak growth of the economy. However, in my argument even if people suggest that slavery can be good if you master you, I do not agree because you can get supported well, but no freedom gets given. It is a recommendation that all those individuals who still perform slavery should get to jail because today world jobs should get granted to the less fortunate instead of mistreating. 

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