Real time education- Welcome to live learning

Real time education- Welcome to live learning (Online assessment help service)

The biggest discovery by mankind in the 20th century is the invention of the Internet. More than 50% of the world population uses it. Today we have smart phones, LEC screens, sensors, robots, and what not in our daily life.  A world of app store a small feature in our smart phones take us to the technological tour of the century; for example- if you wish you learn a new language it is just a click away from you, you can download an application and it will teach you at no cost. They have developed applications from learning yoga and pranayama at home to phonics an app which is tremendously useful for toddlers. Internet has application found everywhere in communication, news, shopping, entertainment, marketing and most importantly EDUCATION.

A biggest boon to students of this era is 'Real Time Education' in live learning. The fundamental concept of Internet is communication and information. It's greatest and forever advantages are cost effectiveness and easy accessibility. One can get connected with the internet at just another instant. Hence online learning a whole new dimension to the world/history of education system has been evolved.

The changing face of classroom education is online learning. It is because of the following points-

1. Use of multimedia- It is said that visual data has a greater impact on human memory. By just learning text one may not able to learn/remember as he will learn though images, pictures, statistical data, videos, animation techniques. Using multimedia to learn a concept has become as easily accessible thing for today.

2.  No age bar- The significant advantage of online learning is no bar bracket. You can enroll whenever you want in your carrier path and acquire a whole new bunch of skillset as per requirement of your carrier graphs. This feature of flexibility allures people who are in their middle age also.

3. College projects- Completing student's college/school projects have become very easier with the help of Wikipedia and all other available ocean of information available on the internet on a respective topic.

4.  ONLINE LEARNING- It is a gift to this generation of students. Online learning websites like Courser, EdX, and Cloudera have initiated a well-structured, simple platform to access and enroll the courses offered by world's renounced and most famous universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and Rice. They provide the best educational experience.

Therefore, that led to need of making a team who will be assisting/guiding students may termed asan 'Online Assessment Service Centers for students' who seek guidance through online programs. The online help forums have an extraordinary importance because of several reasons as follows-

1. Easy access- An easy access to what one seeks makes things less complicated and convenient.

2. Quality Education- The tutors/ mentors in assessment service centers are will trained, well educated, cooperative and supportive. They understand the urge of students to have a quality education and try to do their best.

3. 24*7 assistance/guidance- Answers or assistance are just one click away when a problem occurs. This gives a sense of uninterrupted contribution.

4.Encouraging/competitive atmosphere- As it becomes a classroom of students all around the world it gives immense pleasure of being in a cheerful, culturally diversified and at the same time competitive environment.

5. A source of income-Many college attendees, young professionals who want to spend time teaching concepts to school goers it gives the platform to all who seek for such an opportunity.

Assessment is the very necessary in every course of life. Correct assessment leads us towards improvement and motivation. There are types of assessments and they are formative, summative, survey, evaluations, performance testing. The way online learning centers and their service/support centers design their methodology to integrate these types of assessment in their protocol in order to provide inaccurate and exact assessment. This broad range all-inclusive assessment provides platform for improvisation and betterment.

As many students are familiar with classroom methodologies. Not every student may find learning online easy and comfortable. They may not like the procedures or may need to see the person face-to-face. In such cases tutors/mentors from an online learning help centers takes extra efforts to make sure those students feel comfortable and helped.

Many assume attending courses online is an easy task. In this case  tutors have to make sure that student should engage in his respective course, he asks to study more and even allots homework including go through books, research topics and presentation more.

Online communities like social media, blogs, tweets, YouTube videos, discussion forums, online chats, webinars, group chats contribute a lot too.

Soon there will be an era where students/people will be learning only online and realizing the opportunities are limitless. is a finest place that offers you platform to support in your Education needs.

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    Stephen - 8/9/2017 7:33:04 AM

    Yes, Real Time Education is a boon for us. This is not meant as a censure of the traditional classroom. We all enjoyed learning in physical spaces and gain the knowledge. I will love to do so. But I think we need to be cautious not to romanticize the traditional classroom. A general misconception of online education has been that it is an isolating experience for students. Compare online learning to a traditional classroom where the conversation might be dominated by a bunch of students while the rest of the students are passive. Every online student can have a voice and be heard on this platform. The time for discussion allows students to explore additional information, consider the views of their classmates, and then take the time to build their own contribution, which can lead to higher quality responses. Online education also has some risk. Is the platform trustworthy? Can they provide good quality education? You need to find trustworthy tutor's assistance. You need to find the best and experienced team of tutors. Since one year I was searching for the best online education service and finally end with the best one. This website service is affordable and quick.


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