Problems the Muslim Women in the Article Discuss with Ingrid Mattson

Women in Islam

Problems the Muslim Women in the Article Discuss with Ingrid Mattson

The Muslim women in the article wanted to discuss various problems with Dr. Ingrid Mattson. They were concerned about being a Muslim in America as they alleged that they had a hard time communicating with non-Muslims. Another problem they posed to Mattson is the fact that Americans had a negative perception of Muslims and in that case, they wanted to know how they could build good relationships with the American non-Muslims. They believed that their dressing code was their main barrier to being free with other communities (Mattson, n.d).

How Non-Muslim North Americans 'read' Muslim Women Who Wear Hijab

Non-Muslim North Americans associate Muslim women wearing hijab with secrets, deceit, double lives, exoticism, and mystery. They even think that they might be male terrorists dressed as women. Mattson's analysis is to some extent accurate as most people relate Muslim women who wear hijab with terrorism and other social vices. Although hijab is meant to show chastity and modesty, most critics look beyond the veil and connect these women with all sorts of social ills such as hypocrisy and crime (Mattson, n.d).

Differences in Dress Code in various Muslim Countries according to Matton

Although in some Muslim countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia women are forced to adapt to a particular way of dressing, in other countries both men and women are free to dress, as they want. However, in other countries, women are forbidden to wear hijab in schools and government institutions (Mattson, n.d).

North American Immigrants and Customs

The extent at which North American immigrant Muslim women should change their traditions to fit in to the mainstream culture is an issue of concern. North American immigrant women should not change their beliefs and customs in order to connect with the Non-Muslims. If they do so, Islam as a religion will be put in jeopardy and the Non-Muslim will continue viewing Muslim women suspiciously. They should however learn to be proud of their religion and culture and let the Non-Muslim learn from them. With self-assurance and a sense of satisfaction for their religion, other communities will learn to appreciate, admire, and be free with them. Otherwise, if they separate themselves with the rest just because of religion, others will free from them. Simply, they should learn to stand by their own and fight for their rights, not because of region, but on the mere fact, they are Americans whose rights have been protected in the First Amendment of the constitution.

Addressing Muslim Women's Concerns in the Light of the First Amendment of the Constitution

According to the First Amendment of the US constitution, the law prohibits the congress to make any law respecting a particular religion over another and impeding people's free will to exercise their religion. People have a right to assemble peacefully irrespective of their religious affiliations. In that case, regarding the Muslim Women concerns on wearing hijab and being looked down upon just because they were Muslims, they should know that the US law protects their interests as Muslims and they have a right to exercise their beliefs without changing their customs in order to fit in.

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