Nuclear arms reduction negotiations by Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama generally known as Barack Obama he has born on 4th August 1961 at Honolulu, he has Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School. As only few person know that the president of USA is also completed his dissertation tiled as "Nuclear arms reduction negotiations with the USSR" It is very generous topic in the favour of worldwide peace. As we have seen various terrorist activities

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happened around the world. By seen this I feel it is good topic to do dissertation. In the current stage I feel that I am little lucky that most powerful man that is Mr. Obama has done such thesis to maintain the peace across the world he has mentioned various crucial points and proposals to other nations to control the experiments of nuclear power as this time we see that each big country have nuclear weapons with their forces so if the war held I don't think so that make senses of life after the war.

As we can see Hiroshima and Nagasaki has still have having problem due to the nuclear bombing that were conducted by the United States during the final stage of the World War II in August 1945. At present the people of these two cities are facing health problems with them. It is almost 69 years that the world is facing the problem of nuclear weapons, but after completing thesis or dissertation by great personalities like MR. Barack Obama, majority of people are understanding the consequences of such experiments so opposing such activities done by ministries. Discouragement and mutually-assured devastation have become non-operational concepts in a world now more worried with other questions as well as challenges, comprising extensive poverty, climate change, a worldwide economic also financial meltdown and other terrorisations such as the recent alarm over the plague outbreak of a new kind of influenza virus as well we previously faced the world trade center attack that is also a huge disaster over peoples life and economy.

Mr Obama told an audience of 4,500 gathered in scorching heat on the east side of Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate that I've resolute that we can confirm the security of America and our associates, and maintain a strong and credible strategic deterrent, while reducing our organised strategic nuclear weapons by up to one-third, the side of the city walled off by the Soviets throughout the darkest days of the cold war. As well as I propose to look for transferred cuts with Russia to move away from cold war nuclear postures.

The suggestion to limit American as well as Russian deployed strategic nuclear warhead to about 1,000 each would take the two countries back to about the levels of 1954, experts said. The president as well vowed to work with NATO to decrease the unrestricted smaller tactical nuclear weapons still in Europe also to push the Senate to finally ratify the 17-year-old Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Taken together, the moves invigorated the effort Mr Obama began in Prague in 2009 to place the world on a path to ultimately eliminating nuclear weapons, one of the most principled, if passionately disputed, ambitions of his first term.

Yet even as Republicans contended that he was going too distant at the risk of national security, his moves characterised a more modest step than several arms control advocates had sought. A Pentagon report out stated that the United States would retain its nuclear triad - missiles, bombers as well as submarines - even amid further cuts. Mr Obama didn't take weapons off high alert also stopped short of looking for a vote anytime soon on the test ban treaty, which was disallowed by the Senate in 1999.

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Earlier Senator Sam Nunn, a Georgia Democrat as well as a leader in pushing to diminish nuclear threats said Mr Obama had revived the U.S. administration's determinations to work with other nations to decrease nuclear dangers, adding that numerous of the proposed stages are long overdue.

When a large as well as growing number of nuclear-armed adversaries challenge manifold perceived threats, the hazard that dissuasion will fail and that nuclear weapons will be used increases dramatically, Mr Nunn said. It is similarly very challenging to reduce nuclear risks universally and set an example encouraging non-proliferation when Washington, Moscow and Europe are postured for jointly assured devastation on a planet-ending scale

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