Nothing is more important to a country’s future than Education

Nothing is more important to a country’s future than education. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education is the single most important factor which has contributed to a nation's success theory. Future of any country is totally dependent on its people and their education. It is the key to success as it opens all the doors for people of all the background. The vast amount of knowledge gained through education, prepares an individual and also the entire nation to stand forth in case of any crisis and also helps to solve problems. Furthering ones higher education grants to higher income and greater success. Moreover, imparting proper education to its nation in adherence and compliance to the policy of the state and its instrumentalities plays a vital role. As has been laid down as a fundamental right and as per the statutory prescriptions as has been laid down under the Constitution of India. It will be noteworthy here that education leads an important role in the society akin to the action taken as per the policy decisions to impart education without any malicious intentions to the society.

As per the saying goes - "you educate a man, you educate a single person; you educate a girl, you educate entire family." The nation is our second family; hence it is our utmost duty to contribute towards our country's success and progress by educating ourselves and by also educating others.

It is widely seen that without education, a country cannot reach such heights. Our living standards have also risen because of quality education. Hence it is the most substantial part of our life. Without education, we and our nation do not stand anywhere in the world. Across the world it has been seen that the development of any country is only possible when its people and its leaders are also well educated. An educated leader plays a pivotal role to the economic growth and success of a nation. If our leaders are not well educated, a nation cannot rise or progress. A country's progress and its economic ratio is bound to grow and develop if our leaders are well qualified.

 Developments and researches are only being made because we have great well educated scholars in our country. Globally our country's economy is rising because of our highly educated scholars and scientists. Our country has gained a lot of appreciation and stands tall amongst other countries because of its improved and quality education. A society which is uneducated cannot think on rational terms. If we look at our country's past, even before the medieval period, people were barely animals. Because of lack of education. Then if we look at our past during the time of British rule, our nation was a slave to other country. That was because of lack of proper education and awareness. Gradually, people began to understand the importance of education and being educated. Hence, it has improved the condition of our people and its society gradually.

Following are the important points which has led to our country's success -

Improved position of people and our nation globally - As said earlier, education improves one's living standard and lifestyle as well as the country's economic growth as well. Our country's economic position stabilizes if our leaders are well read and well versed and well educated. If our leaders are not well educated , our nation will not progress globally. Our country has seen an immense rise globally since the time of Freedom. That has happened because of young and educated leaders leading our nation and representing it globally.

Once again it has been proved that we the people are our nation's pride and honour.

Elimination of superstitions and other beliefs - Education removes all sorts of disbeliefs and superstitions prevailing in our society. Earlier people used to be very superstitious. That was because of illiteracy. But now the times have changed. People are literate and educated. They do not believe in superstitions. Literacy ratio is growing higher because our Government has made basic and primary education compulsory in villages because of this reason. Our children are the future of our country. If they will not be literate, our country will not produce great scholars. Hence, education is very Important.

A rational approach towards life - people have become more rational and practical nowadays because they are literate.

High standards of living - living standards have gone high and have improved because the people are well educated.

Evolution and invention of great many things - education is producing great scholars in our country who are going in other nations and working for them because they require them and their skills. It is because of education, our scientists are making great many new inventions and discoveries.

Wide exposure

Independent decision making power to all - People have become more independent. Nowadays even the girls are working. This has lead to a drastic change in the nation. Females have become independent now and have started participating in any decision to be taken. Education has made this positive change in the society. Our society is now acknowledging a girl's talent as well.

Use of new techniques - because of modern education, new techniques are being used in every field. For eg. In studies like v - sat classes, e-learning , many education apps have been developed to make people understand about education. Distant learning education have become very easy. As a result, a student or a person doesn't have to travel or commute to any other city for higher and proper education.

working in contrast conditions

faster growth and development of the country

lower infant mortality ratio - education has also lead to vast and immense change in mortality rate. There used to be female feticides because of illiteracy. Now the government is taking initiatives to spread basic education to rural areas where people are still illiterate. Our government is spreading awareness about basic education, which in turn have proved to be very beneficial to our society.

Hence we should always strive towards the growth and prosperity of our nation as a whole.

Many nations in this world choose to invest in the higher education of its people because they know that if they educate its people, it will be for the betterment of their own country only. The government is also aware of the importance of education. Hence there has been a significant and positive impact in the level of education in the entire country. In such a highly competitive and globalised economy, higher education prepares each individual of the society to accomplish greater tasks and feats at all levels and to stand higher amongst all odds.

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