Nighthawk story

Nighthawk story

Nighthawk involves a picture of a group of people who are in a diner at night in the early year 1942. Nighthawks also consist of a row of stores; this picture serves as the psychological majoring on the emphasis of how the dinner was cold. The people in this dinner suggest that it is a family business that has been running successfully for some years. The clients who get seated around the counter do not look like the kind of citizens who can run a successful business on the opposite side of the street that this current business runs.

The traditional cash register is seen in one of the shops where there is a dim light, suggests an indication of acquaintance and cordiality. The traditional cash register indicates a business that has been running successfully enough for some years in that they have no need to modernize the shops to keep the customers. In distinction to the stores, the diner room gets lit with a new type of fluorescent light. This light had come into use in the early decades of 1940's. In the circular building that they are having dinner, the building is an island that signifies and deters. The fluorescent light is daunting and dehumanizing.

The fluorescent light also creates an imitation feeling of warmth that is not real for the instant, an environment that is clinical like in a laboratory than in a restaurant.  The title Nighthawks refers to people who get considered as night owls, but the term also means  scrupulous kind of creature related to goatsuckers. The author of this book has pictured this dinner in representing a move towards a mechanical future together with people who exist in exhibit natural restlessness. However, nature and technology magnetize and deter at the same time.

The characters in Nighthawks are calm and are on purpose. Nighthawks description of this picture is the meditation on happiness and loneliness; the two couples seated appears to be completely in tune with each other. Their motion complement one another's feeling. The sense of despondency in the picture stems architecture of the dinner, the fluorescent light and the puzzling presence of the third customer. Also, the feeling of loneliness in the picture is originally consequent that Nighthawks originated from the United States of America during entry into the Second World War where during this time some young men got sent to the armed services hence the entire country of America was caught up in the war.

The incidence of the Second World War causes one to imagine who the Nighthawks are. However it is because the customers do not appear to be local business partners, they are not the military personnel since they seem to be outsiders from somewhere due to a fact emphasized by the building and the fluorescent lighting of the diner. All these factors separate the customers from the nearby community of buildings.

The picture of the Nighthawks is easy to understand because it does indicate not only an image of big city loneliness but also a sense of being on our own in the normal human condition. The fluorescent brightness in the dinner means that the people inside the building are held, uncovered and exposed to the actual observation.



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