Motivation is the internal and external factors those stimulate desire

Motivation is the internal and external factors those stimulate desire, encourage and spirit in people to be continually engaged and involved to a job or work and try to achieve its personal and organization objectives or goals. Moreover, in different ways motivation is the pulling force that encourages employees or people to achieve its goals. Motivations occur from the many factors such as desire or requirement intensity, incentives and payment level, individual expectations and individual peers (Landy & Conte, 2009). The factors are playing major role to change the behavior of individual. In addition, each individual have different requirement, desire, need and behavior so different motivations theories and ways require to motivate a group of people. For example, a student motivates to spend extra time for studying to achieve better grade while the worker motivates to spend extra time for working or job to earn more money.

Furthermore, motivation is present in each function of life such as food motivated hunger, education motivated those desire knowledge and incentives motivated those desire more money. Moreover, motivation is anything those encourage a person to doing specific task or thing. Motivation concept is basically required to apply in the work place for encourage employees to retain with the firm, perform well and try to achieve its individual and organization goals. In the workplace, motivation plays major role in leadership and group overall success (Chalofsky, 2010). Leaders use the several motivation theories to motivate the employees or followers because each employee has different need and desire. Every employee has particular needs such as eating, resting, sex, safety, self-esteem, position, morality, and desired goals, so leader can be required to use different motivation theories to motivate its employees or group members.

Moreover, motivation is an employee internal interest to complete activities related to job or work. Motivation is that intrinsic drive that makes an employee to take action regarding to work. An employee motivation is effected by several factors such as biological, personal, social and emotional factors. Each individual has different actions, events and goals in its life that considers by the leaders to apply the motivation theories and concepts. The trick for leaders to achieve its group or organization objectives is to inspire followers and motivated them at work (Watkins & Leigh, 2009). Leader or employers require creating a good working environment to motivate employees for work and encouraging them to perform well.  Motivation is applied in the work place by the employers by fulfill the employees needs and expectations for them to motivate employees.

Leaders and managements should be understand employees need and tried to fulfill it and provide them good working environment that created motivation in employees. In addition, many employers and leaders fail to understand applied the motivation theories or concepts and access the requirement and desire of employees, so they are not able to achieve its mission, vision, goals and objectives. Moreover, if a person unable to grasp motivation and able to applied it workplace, it will not become a good leader (Luthans, Youssef & Avolio, 2006). High workload, high-stress working environment, low wages and unsafe job are impacted on the morale and motivation of the employees that affected them work quality and productivity that can generate more layoff chances. So, employers should be considered the working environment, payment structure, needs and basic requirement of employees to motivate them (Scott & Reynolds, 2010).

This paper describes varies theories of work motivation with the use of map and discusses John Holland theory regarding the work motivation. Moreover, this paper also discusses differences between a process of motivation and a content theory as well as also critical analysis of writer overview about motivation.  

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