Losing Attention - Colleges Overheads Additional Resources On Sports Than Academics

Director of research for the American Association of University Professors, John Curtis says:

‘Something-Somewhere has gone skewed, mismatched among the mission of universities and colleges and their athletic spending'

American Association of University Professors issued a surprising report titled, "Losing Focus," on the trend of institutions' expenditure on sports as compared to academics- especially covering community colleges and Division II and III schools.

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It is not just general feeling but many schools in fact take way bigger priority on sports over actual means academics. It is showed that private and public colleges with less-prominent athletic programs are increasing spending on athletic programs at higher proportions than spending on academics. It is analyzed that faculty salaries and NCAA spending finding that spending on athletics increased across the board for all schools. Of particular interest, though is how ‘minor sports' and ‘less competitive schools' greatly raise the percentage they spend on athletics.

Increasingly, institutions of higher education have lost their focus on the academic activities at the core of their mission, adding the fact that the spending precedence accorded to competitive athletics too simply diverts focus of our institutions from teaching and learning to scandal and excess.

The American culture is so in love with athletics that even though many people know the right thing to do they cannot do it. While decline in expenditure executed on academics by the community colleges, it has been noticed that athletic expenditure has rose to 35% per athlete making it 2.6% per student altogether. Keeping almost no changes in the expenditures on academics, public service and research the four-year public colleges in all divisions showed increment in the inflation adjusted expenditure in athletics. The fastest growth in sports expenditure excluding football programs which almost doubled per student.

We found a completely alternative view of the report that comes from Terry W. Hartle, senior vice president of the American Council on Education, who believes that the revelation of the reports may not be upsetting. He asserts that, "This comes from the American Association of University Professors, which has a vested interest in finding that too little money is going to faculty and too much to sports and administration," and adds that, "If you just look at the percentage increases, without the base they're working from, it's hard to tell what it means."

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Finding a conclusion, we do not really know if the future of these colleges is heading toward destruction or maybe it's just the need of the hour they are catering to. Whatever the hidden reality is, all you can do is to watch and find your own conclusions making best career decisions being watchful of the experiences of others around you.

Spending on athletic program's rate is increasing where there are no scholarships and the seasons of competition are limited. It is astounded to see that the increases in athletic spending were not just confounded. When start to see that tennis coaches and cross country coaches are getting salary increases triple, quadruple what professors are making, it is pretty clear that academics are not the priority of the institution.


It is good to have sport facilities in schools and college but on the other side if it disturbing the academics of other students by lacking facilities that are essentials to enhance the knowledge of students. As we all know that it is not possible that all students are good in academics and all good in sports, few are good in academics and few in sports and few are in other activities it vital to think about this because we can't think to develop few students and neglecting other students. From a long time seeing school and college programs are not equally dived few schools are putting special attentions to their sports facility and few on academics why they are not giving equal importance to both. School balance program is work as balance diet that is significant to complete development of students.

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