Living at college and living at home - A Better Life

A Better Life

Living at college and living at home has many advantages and disadvantages. Living in dorms has pros and cons, but living off campus is better for many reasons. Firstly, living at home not only enhances the family ties but also helps a student to focus more on studies as the influence of classmates or roommates are almost nil when it comes to staying at home during the years of college.

Secondly, living at home saves enough money. The money which is needed to pay college dorm room rents are thus being saved by a student by living at home.

Thirdly, whenever a student stays at college dorm it becomes difficult for him/her to concentrate on the studies and this is because a typical college dorm room is occupied by several students with several approaches towards studies. Their mode of studying and memorizing differs and such differences can act as hindrance to the devotion of a particular student to his/her particular mode of study. But if a student stays at his/her own home then the problem of sharing room with other students doesn't arise and the concerned student can easily focus on the studies either remaining awake late at night or by getting up early in the morning without disturbing the sleep of others.

Fourthly, in terms of privacy it can be said that living at home is always better than living at college and this is because, for an example, if a student has the habit of listening to loud music before going to bed then that student shall has to give up that habit keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of his/her roommates. But living at home such problem will never arise as at home the room of a student is a private place where the student is at will to listen to music loudly or to play computer games without wondering about how other students would feel about such habits.

Finally, in terms of independence, living at home is far better than living at college. And this is because while living at college a student has to follow strict rules and regulations breaching which can force the student to face with punitive measures which include suspension too. But home is a place where a person is free to lead life according to his/her will and home is not a place where parents act as authoritarian administrators who are ready to impose penalty whenever a student violates any conventional rule. So, from this angle too, it is observable that living at home is far more convenient than living at college.

In conclusion, living at home is always beneficial than living at college from the perspective of independence and privacy and if given the opportunity to opt for either living at home or at college as student should tend to choose the life of studying at college and living at home. It is a blessing to grow into adulthood in the company of family, and living within the family can surely render some positive impact on the educational career of a student. 

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