Live Your Life to the Fullest and Gain Self-Confidence

Live Your Life to the Fullest and Gain Self-Confidence

Our lives are full of experiences, good and the bad. Every day, we learn something new. Life in itself is a teacher and a lesson. It brings its share of ups and downs, but it doesn't mean that we stop living altogether. We have to make the most of life. Live it to the fullest with honour and dignity. Mistakes and failures are there and so are success and achievements. Life is not only physical living; it's spiritual and emotional too. To live life, we have to play an active role. We need to grow and develop ourselves physically as well as mentally and in all other aspects. And for that, we need confidence. It is gained through positive thinking. It is a feeling of well-being, self-assurance, security and comfort. Through determination, we can achieve a lot of things. Confidence doesn't remain the same; it fluctuates. We experience days when we are on the high, and we have experience days when we are on the low. This is nothing to worry about as its part and parcel of life. But we can learn from it. We can gain and boost our self-confidence. Here are some tips:

•    Be presentable at all times - always dress up nicely. Don't wait for a special occasion to wear nice and beautiful clothes. We should be presentable at all time. You never know when you met someone who will turn your life around!

•    Optimistic - when we think positive, we attract positive energy; when we think negative, we attract negative energy. To be on the safer side, it is best to be positive at all times. If you come across a friend who is feeling negative, boost him or her with your positive thoughts. It will make them feel good and confident.

•    Me-time - make some 'me' time for yourself. Keep yourself the attention. Pen down your plans and objectives for life. Go to the beauty parlour for a new hairstyle or manicure. Or you can spend some quality time with the people you love. Or better yet, take a small holiday. Go to a hill station and beach to wind down. Listen to your inner voice and conscious; get to know yourself better.

•    Generous - don't just focus on yourself. Look around at the people. Many are going through rough patches in their lives. Be generous; give them ear, listen to their problems and try to help them out. You can motivate and encourage them. If there are poor and needy people around, help them with food or financially. It will make you feel good as you have done a difference in someone's life.

•    Be ready - life is unexpected; so always be ready for anything. It's best that we prepare ourselves for the good and the bad. It braces us from the shock and keeps us stable. When things take a sour turn, we start feeling drained out because our confidence drops. It is normal.

•    Speak - we should speak calmly and slowly. It shows confidence. You must have seen that leaders and CEOs of huge corporations intervene in a cool and contained manner. It is because they are confident. We are also confident. Apart from talking, walk and stand confidently too. Always maintain the posture.

•    Change bad habits - if you think you have bad habits, try to quit it. Habits such as spitting, talking loudly, laughing unnecessarily and smoking repel people. You cannot leave it overnight. It takes time; slowly and gradually, you can overcome it.

•    Smile - a smile spreads positivity. It makes the other person relaxed and cool. Even if we are going through a difficult time, we should smile. It gives reassurance that we are going to get through it well and fine.

We should have a life with an open mind and a great big heart. Sometimes, we have to come out of our comfort zone to make things easier for others. This helps to increases our confidence. And we should try to push ourselves to the maximum to see what we can achieve. Life is a lesson. We learn from our numerous experiences. We shouldn't limit or constraint ourselves as it will only leave a negative impact. We can use our skills and abilities for the betterment of the community. By being consistent, we hold onto our confidence and work for more achievements. Overall, life isn't only about achievements. It is wholesome; give and take; fall and rise; good and bad. Life teaches us everything.

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