Leadership Qualities under Administrative Role in Health Care Unit

Current Framework of responsibility developed majorly occupy under administrative role in term of managing compliance, monitoring costs, tracking inventory of medicine and securing high quality services in hospital.

Seasonal factor enables me to implement something different which we can call as a leadership quality to maintain and meet demand for patient requirement of services and care.

Leadership qualities able to utilize to maintain above responsibilities' are

  • Effective communication between various teams
  • Coordination among department and analysis of feedbacks.
  • Providing training for understanding management guideline for hospital services and care.
  • Motivation of existing team for delivering better services and following good practice in the work space.
  • Promoting integrity and management control system in order to major productivity and transparency.
  • Team building activities in order to secure uniformity of thoughts and monitoring for inconsistency.

Although, I got a good opportunity to implement the majority of leadership qualities in my workspace, but still there is huge scope for improvement in getting more leadership ideas and implementation in this area.

Some of improvement areas are:

  • Use of technology for connecting them and create a social media space, so that more and more open thought can come which in face to face meeting get vanished due to position, shyness and unwillingness.
  • Removal of manual record keeping, can reduce inconsistency in record keeping and bring a sense of responsibility regarding time table management and accuracy.
  • Development of a knowledge pool for subject matter expert and there should be cross training activities, this will give opportunity to the new comer, helping staff to come up and look for bigger opportunity will further act to their motivation level.
  • Educating people on cost control by incentive those in cash or kind will further boost energy among ground staff and middle level to work effectively.
  • Compulsory ROTA system implementation for all staff can remove dissatisfaction among low experience staff who always feel cheated when it come for night shift or untimely working time.
  • Proper performance evaluation and feedback session can increase the opportunity for hard work to prove their strength.
  • Training regarding effective communication for all levels of member from doctors, nurse to lower level staff member on patient handling and query resolution will help staff in maintaining good relationship with patients and their family.

A)     To explain this situation of developing leadership quality, best quote come here as "scarcity is mother for creating need" mean, situation gives us opportunity either to run away or fight and win.

Under the current situation whereby, I appointed as Administrative manager, there was great need arose for handling situation of high demand in term of bed allocation, data integrity, medicine inventory control, securing better services, ambulance traffic management, staff management and data security and billing stability.

Above factor as a whole can be seen as an opportunity and treat for my post, I took that as an opportunity and try to mitigate and get myself ride-off by implementing and developing contemporary leadership quality.

  • Effective communication and team building plays a vital role to create confidence, motivation and sense of responsibility among them, which ultimately directly link to productivity and cost control.
  • Strategy to create an open forum by creating social media for connection further help in developing educational awareness among the team for goal, vision and aim of the hospital and its achievement process.
  • Usage of technology help in providing comparative analysis to them for time spending and opportunity, benefit on record keeping, monitoring compliance and data integrity.
  • Categorization of call and requirement as per critically further help in maintaining optimum ambulance deployment bed allocation.
  • Coordination with Doctors, and other stuff further help in filling ROTA and timely manner service to patient contingency.
  • Advertisement technique and display installation further save customer care time for explaining monotonous management rules and regulation and utilize their time in pitching and explaining services to patient and family to enhance productivity.

        Leadership quality is inherent and dynamic in nature and are situation driven. There is no fixed rule to implement a standard leadership quality, it is a behavior of the manager who handle situations with ease, hardship or logically. I always tried to handle the situation by following simple way:

  • Analysis problem statement
  • Look for alternatives
  • Implement best choice available
  • Evaluate results, and
  • Recall or update decision accordingly.
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