Job Expectations Changing with Times

Job Expectations Changing with Times

When job profiles change, so do the expectations and responsibilities. Change is inevitable. Over the years, job expectations have changed. Previously, the employers used to demanding, but now the tables have changed. Organisations are doing all they can to attract new employees, but they need to look into their needs and requirements. It may be because of the work pressure and rapid advancement of technology. Moreover, when employees feel that the organisation isn't looking into their needs, they don't hesitate to look for new employers who will provide it. Employees expect:

•    Good salary - fair compensation for the services and expertise they provide. Great salaries and incentives attract employees. Organisations should improve the pay scale they provide their employees.

•    Job security - no one likes to feel insecure. With job security, comes the sense of belonging and responsibility. When employees feel insecure, their work suffers, and it has an adverse impact on the organisation.

•    Incentives/Commission - when employees are asked to put in the extra time, they require being compensated. No organisation can expect the employee to work for free. Time is money. For extra hours, they should be given time and a half or other means of compensation.

•    Work - everyone wants to use their skills, abilities and qualifications. The dream job makes them feel satisfied. When employees love their work, they give more. They give more hours and use their skills to the fullest.

•    Promotion - no one likes to be in the same designation or position after three years. Nowadays, employees want to be promoted yearly. It gives them the confidence and boosts their self-esteem. Moreover, they feel that they can do more.

•    Benefits - the human resources personnel make the employees aware what more the organisation offers. Many organisations offer pension schemes, insurance, loans, holiday and travel discounts, restaurant coupons and cinema passes, etc.

•    Working Condition - everyone wants the best working condition. They have a safe and hazard free environment. Comfortable working spaces bring out the best in everyone. Plus, the output is productive and quality.

Organisations are facing big challenges. The changing times mean technological advancements, economic issues and global influences. These increase the job expectation of employees. Employers want the best, reliable and efficient employees, so do employees. They want to work in the best company with the best salary and lots of opportunities. Organisations should welcome change. They shouldn't take it negatively because it means profits and positivity. Apart from the employees, the management and the senior staff should look into the increasing needs and demands. It, they can do through:

•    Discussions and meeting - it resolves apprehensiveness of the employees. They should be allowed to raise their grievances.

•    Time management - this always proves useful no matter what. Time management brings about efficiency and quality work. Everyone knows their responsibilities and gets on with it.

•    Proper communication - the senior management team shouldn't jump the gun with new employees. They should try to understand them and allow them to talk freely. The management should be open to communication. It strengthens the organisation.

•    Buddy system - the management can team up new recruits with the seniors in a buddy system. It will get them well settled into the organisation. Moreover, the organisation will get quality work. A guide is a must.

•    Goals - every department should have a set of goals to work on. When it's accomplished, there can be a small celebration to boost the morale and confidence of the employees.

•    Assess - evaluate the work of the employees; highlight their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Doing so develops and enhances their skills and productivity.

When organisations expect loyalty, quality and success from their employees, they should be ready to give them something in return. Employee expectations are not much, and it is justified. They put in days, weeks, months and years of their time and hard work. Organisations should never try to overlook it. They should acknowledge the employees and look into their expectations. When the employees are satisfied and happy with their jobs, it reflects on the organisation regarding success and profits. It's about time organisations realised the true value of the employees. Without them, they won't be at the position they are today. Every employee should give an opportunity to grow and develop within the organisation. They should feel secure about their designation and be content about their salary. The organisations can boost the salary through incentives and commissions and annual increment. The employer and the employee should work together for the betterment of the organisation.

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