How to Stop Blushing-5 Effective Tips

How to Stop Blushing - 5 Effective Tips

In humans, blushing is one of the odd reactions. It's a counter way of dealing with awkward and embarrassing situations, but the flushing redness draws everyone's attention. Blushing is an involuntary action; there's no control to it. People, who often blush, find it stressing. They feel vulnerable and helpless. The last thing they want is the heat rising on their cheeks. The redness makes people around aware. They smile and nod trying to make the person feel okay, but it makes the situation worse. It makes them blush even more! Blushing is normal. It's not a medical problem. In fact, it's like a self-defence mechanism. People blush for different reasons. It may be because of attention (praise, introductions and acknowledgements); embarrassment; social situations; anxiety; shame; confrontation; heat; stress; self-consciousness; and discomfort, etc. Blushing is a response. In the yester years, women for appreciated for their blush. It is said that true feelings and emotions showed up on their cheeks. Even men found this appealing and attractive. They liked their women to blush! Nowadays people have become so mindful of it that they take it to the extreme. They become so conscious of blushing that they take to another level. It makes them feel worse. They become anxious and withdrawn; they begin to avoid public places and friends. People, who blush frequently, find it problematic. It hinders their social life. They try to take medical help. Psychologists say that blushing is normal and nature. It's a reflex action which no one has control over. The only way to beat is to stay calm and collected. Here are five effective tips to stop blushing:

1.    Relax - Breathe in and out deeply and slowly. When you breathe in and out, you also get to calm the pounding heart. Blushing usually happens when you are tensed and embarrassed. Don't think about the embarrassment. Try to divert the mind. Drink water to calm yourself.

2.    Stop being so conscious - Many things happening around you. People are walking by and going on with their work. No one is staring at you, so stop being so conscious. Relax. Drop your guard down. It is okay; things are going to be just fine. There's nothing to feel tensed about.

3.    You are blushing, big deal! Everyone blushes...get over it! - You are not the first person in the world to blush. It's normal! Everyone is doing it. By crying over the blush, you not only end up blushing more but drawing more and more attention to yourself. By crying blush, you aren't doing yourself a favour. Blushing is very much a normal and natural human expression.

4.    Don't hide it - you can turn things around by saying it out loud that you are blushing. It lightens up the moment and gets everyone laughing. Moreover, it takes the attention away from you. It won't make you feel awkward or apprehensive.

5.    Don't think about what others are thinking - apart from stress, and you get nothing out of thinking about what others are thinking. It only makes you look silly and foolish. People are individuals; they have the right to think and opinionate, and that doesn't mean that they are trying to make you feel worse.

If you think that you have a blushing problem, you don't have a problem. It's psychological. By following the above tips, you can get over it very quickly and easily. Think about it in a positive manner - the reason you are blushing is that your capillaries are working fine and sending blood to your cheeks to make them rosy. It's a beauty statement or a beauty plus for you! Overall, don't think about it over and over again because you gain nothing out of it. You can advise others who feel that blushing destroys their social lives. Try to make them understand that it's completely normal. Some people blush a lot, and some do it less, but everyone blushes. Some may disregard it, and some may lament over it as problematic. Basically, it is how one perceives it. Blushing is not a problem at all. It's people who make it be. For example, we have moles or beauty spots on our body. We consider it as part of who we are; we don't cry about have tiny black dots on our body. If we do, then we don't appreciate ourselves. Instead of seeing it as a curse, take it as a blessing. The same is for blushing.

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