How to manage your time before CLAT exam

How to manage your time before CLAT exam?

CLAT is the abbreviation for the Common Law Admission Test. One who is going to appear for this test should prepare himself or herself for every type of challenges they may face while studying for this test. This admission test is about how you manage your time, both during the exam and during the preparation.

One should be aware of all the tricks and tactics used while appearing for this exam. You can go through many websites and even anyone who had earlier appeared for this exam. But along with that, you should prepare your ways to deal with the exam.

First of all, divide the things in section. After that, you can mark A as the one you are good with, be it general knowledge or English or maybe math. Mark B and C for the toughest one. By doing this, you'll be able to differentiate between the subjects you need to focus.

Practice until you start doing your questions in lesser time. It's all about time and you'll have to master the time taken for the questions.

Prepare a time table if needed. Break your practice sessions in parts instead of long hours of study. Take breaks in between so that you don't get tired of long sessions.

Study for the quality not quantity. Make sure even if you are studying for 30 minutes, you should focus entirely. It should be quality study. For example, if you sit for the whole day learning things, and you cannot remember the next day what you learned, then it is of no use. But at the same time, if you are learning in portions and with more focus, you'll see you are getting things more clearly. And you will remember them for a long time.

After setting everything, and covering the syllabus, go for the sample tests available online or even you can get such questions papers from some bookshops. Start solving them one by one. Make a strategy for solving the paper.

If you feel you can do the General knowledge part in starting and it will take you the least time, start with it and practice more and more.

Divide your time according to your question paper. You can also set the time limit for each section. After doing the General knowledge part, go for English section and do that. Stay aware of the time you are taking for it.

Mathematics is the toughest part of all, as it needs more of the time and focus. All the calculations and solving part come in there. So, you will obviously need maximum time for the match section as compared to the other sections.

For mathematics, practice as many times you can. The solving process takes time, and you have to master that. Try to take less time while solving, so that you can do the calculations in no time.

These types of entrance exams are basically to test your speed, your knowledge and your skills. And you have to work on all of them at one time. While solving your paper, focus on what you are doing. Do not think about the previous questions you have done or even don't think about the next question. Focus on the question you are doing. Focus is the key. The question you have already solved is already done, don't think about how much marks you will get, instead focus on the question you are doing and think only about that.

Manage your time wisely, if you think the question is taking time and maybe you are not sure about it, skip the question and start solving the next one.

Do not panic, getting nervous and tensed is normal but don't let them go into your brain. Sometimes students get blank while doing the exam because of anxiety. Do not over think; you are giving exam for the things you have studied. Take a deep breath and start your exam with positivity and focus.

If you feel nervous about doing certain question, just give yourself time mentally for that. Do not sit blankly as you may lose your precious time.

This exam is mainly all about time and focus. The less time you will take, the more you will be able to do.

Summarizing the points, do not panic and divide your time wisely. Do not give access time to any section if it doesn't need. Stay focused no matter how much tough is the exam. Stay confident that you can do it. Plan your study strategy and follow it strictly. Instead of cramming, do quality learning.

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