How To Increase Your Vocabulary?

Learning is an endless process. Vocabulary is something one need to be best, as it increase richness of language. One may create habit to learn and use accurate words in your language by communicating, writing, and thinking. Below are some simple steps to improve your vocabulary slowly but efficiently:-


Read:-once we are over with school we are not forced to do our homework therefore stop catching new words. If you want to increase your vocabulary just stick to the reading habit. You can start with reading books, novels as well as newspaper. This will enable you to stay updated and easily learning new words. Slowly you will realize you’ll be an intelligent, well-rounded person, you want to be.

Read high literature: - You may challenge yourself by reading books whenever you get time. Go for classical, new fiction or old fiction. Even Reading poetry can also help. You may also switch for Herman Melville, William Faulkner, and Virginia Woolf.

The books based on nonfiction and technique: this may teach you not only new ways to speak as well as new ideas to think over. The subjects you can choose are like philosophy, religion, and science, any of your choice.

Recognize words: - Whenever you are reading do not skip if you find some unfamiliar word. Try to figure the exact meaning of the word in context of that text of sentence. Make a small note book for all new words you find. This notebook can act as a personal dictionary for you all the time, which you can check whenever you find any different word.

Read the dictionary: - Read words for which you are not familiar yet .Choose the words in dictionary which has lengthy explanations with their origins and uses of words, this can be a  long way for you to  remember  the word and enjoy using your dictionary.

Set A daily goal:-You must set a goal of learning 3 words in a week and try to add them in your speech and writing. Once you are able to learn three words in a week then go for 10 words in next week.

Flashcards and other efforts:-If you want to learn new words, use simple memorization techniques such as Hang post-above the coffee maker, so you can read it while making morning cup. You can also affix a new word on plants to study while watering. Even while watching TV keep some flashcards with you that can help in building vocabulary. You may also sign up to the ‘’ word of the day’’ .Moreover you may solve puzzles and play words game. This will help to improve your vocabulary as well increase your critical knowledge.

Have a little command over Latin as it is root of English, all words are interconnect. You may will not be require to carry dictionary all the time.

Write more: start writing blogs, this will flex your writing muscles & make your vocabulary strong. You can also write letters to some of your friends with a specific details. Take time to write a letter with special details Consider taking on more writing responsibilities at work. If you typically avoid composing memos or writing group emails or participating in group discussions, change your habits and write more. You might as well get paid to build your vocabulary .Use phrases like "dolphins and whales" and replace with the word "cetaceans," making "cetaceans" a useful word.

Don't flaunt it:-Many writers think that Thesaurus function in Microsoft Word twice can make every sentence  better. Don’t be a ‘’spelling bee" insist use appropriate word as a real writer and that is sign of advance vocabulary.



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