How to format your college assignment accurately?

How to format your college assignment accurately?

Do you want masters in the art of formatting your college assignment? Well, you are at the right place! Formatting your college assignment is imperative to grab good marks, to keep your work on the track and to get a good look 'n' feel of your knowledge as well as presentation skills. It could be quite frustrating if you lose track of your work/project or assignment or don't have that time and knack to format your assignment. But, hey! With a bit of fine-tuning your skills, you can format your college/work assignment almost like a pro.

Let's see some of the ideas to format your college assignment accurately:


Even before starting to format your assignment, it is always wise to have a log book or a scrapbook regarding your assignment and all the work that you have done related to it. As you start working on your assignment, you can write in your log book about the information, knowledge, and experiences you gained in the entire process. It will help add a more qualitative edge to your assignment. Your scrapbook can be a collection of picture cut outs, newspaper/magazine cut-outs, or any information related to your assignment in the print/visual form.


The entire vibe of your assignment would start from the cover page itself. So, remember to make your cover page to the point and error-free. Here are some important pointers for your cover page:

  • The title of your assignment should be clear and well-articulated
  • The title must be written at the top of the cover page
  • Remember to mark the name of your college with its logo in the center of the cover page.
  • If the assignment if to get a degree, then you need to mention that too
  • Final but the most important part I to write your name, roll no. And the name as well as the designation of your assignment supervisor (if any) in a comprehensible manner.

Remember, a clear, and well-designed cover page will help to create the first impression on the reader.


One of the introductory pages of your assignment should also have an abstract. An abstract should give a complete idea about your work and assignment per say, but, with a limited word count. A good abstract should be between 150-200 words, written in italics font and should give a bird's eye view of your entire assignment.


It is a serial-wise list of the subsections in your assignment with page numbers to the side.


An introduction is written after the abstract. It is that section of your assignment that introduces all the key concepts related to your assignment. To avoid plagiarism is wise to mention about references in bracketed form if you are using someone else's words.


A literature review is a part that states about how you reached to working on the current topic of your assignment. It is a progressive collection of research work already done in the area of your topic from the past till date. You need to write the literature reviews in your words and also mention about your viewpoints regarding the same. This will add more originality and genuineness to your work/assignment.


Following that shall be a rationale of your study or assignment. In a paragraph or two you need to point out about what were the gaps in the previous research studies, why do you want to work on the particular topic and what new you can bring in the particular area.


This is a part of the assignment that reveals the key concepts related to the topic of your assignment, historical perspectives, theories, processes and so on. In this section, you can add diagrams, pictures and flow chart to make it look good and more interesting


Every assignment should have a meaning and worth at the end. Try to find out something new in through your assignment and write it in this section.


Without a conclusion, the assignment may end abruptly. So, you need to summarize your entire assignment and findings in the conclusion part so that it gives a wholesome overview of your entire assignment and work.


To open new pathways towards more work on your assignment, you can share your suggestions, further readings, your challenges and any further views that you want to share with your readers.


In this section, you need to write the topics of the graphs, pictures, etc. along with the page numbers they are in.


Plagiarism is considered as a negative blow to the entire assignment or document. To avoid this, you need to keep track of all the references that you have used and written them in a serial order. There are different ways of writing references like the APA Style, the Chicago style, etc. So, before writing the references make sure which style you want to follow.

If you are using the Microsoft Word, then for writing references you can use the 'Citations and Bibliography' section for this purpose.

This section should include books, journals or any other online references that you would have used in your assignment. The reference page should be in alphabetical order.


Before wrapping up, just remember the important points while working on your assignment:

  • Stay calm and maintain a timeline of your assignment
  • Try to devote some time every day on your assignment to avoid unwanted stress and chaos
  • Believe in yourself and be confident.
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