How Seriously Should We Take Standardised Tests

How Seriously Should We Take Standardised Tests?

Life is full of various kinds of tests, at every step.  Full of tests, some may be written, some oral, some with the heading test on it, while some evaluation stuff. Among that one of the form is a standardised test. Nowadays as the name suggests these tests are helpful in measuring standards both for an authority and those test takers. Firstly what a Standardised test is : - well, it is a test in which same questions are asked to various test takers at the same time in the form of MCQs, one-word answer, or detailed theories. The answers would be same and while evaluating the answers are compared with standard answers i.e. either your answer would be correct or incorrect, nothing in between. Also, it is the same rule for all - No biases.

These tests are the best way when you have to select some out of many. We can easily differentiate them on their knowledge on same topics as everyone has same questions. These tests help various authorities to get their demand of employees fulfilled according to their needs. As what they do is prepare a question paper such that it involves all such questions which are essential for that job requirement and from many test takers they will come to know that who are best suitable for them. A standardised test is not best only for jobs but also for various entrance exams, olympiads, quizzes, analysis and much more like that.

These kinds of test have become much important nowadays when we need to get a bunch of squad from thousands of them or maybe more. Also not for selection purpose many such tests help in self-evaluation of a person as he/she can get to know where he/she stands when it comes to a higher level. Many times it happens when a student finds himself at a good level on a small scale and hence gets manipulated and when he goes to a different big world he/she gets disappointed, but if certain tests are there, and one knows that they are essential then he would prepare himself accordingly. Thus a life, future, career of one is saved. One should take such tests seriously as they can help in future in many ways one can not even think of.

According to one article, "Bless the tests: Three reasons for standardised testing" by Aaron Churchill, he tells us about the three most important reasons for these tests are - objectivity, comparability, and accountability. I think these are best and major reasons why one should take these tests seriously.

Objectivity - as discussed above, we qualify students on same questions, and no biases are there as no one can deduct your grade if you have opted the right answer, no teacher can get your marks lesser because of any other reason. Thus one can be selected on the basis of his knowledge, not on behaviour.

Comparability - as again discussed above, the students are now compared on a world level, national level or maybe state level, rather than school level, which makes them do more hardworking and acquires things that can help anywhere but not in a small well as for a frog. Accountability - one can easily count all his rank in a particular level of a test and overall account for his/her standard as the primary purpose of these test is the same. Thus overall these tests prove to be one of an important checkpoint for every student in professional life as well.

One should be serious while preparing for the same as the result of tests may decide their future, like which college they will get, or what discipline they can opt for, what kind of job they are eligible for, or if they are prepared for studying the same for which they have applied tests too. As when one's time comes to enter university many a times universities have their cutoff and if one has qualified any standardised test he/she can admit there. Thus if one wants a good college, one should do enough hard work to qualify the standard test with flying colours. After college, many exams are there, whose rank or grade are valid for a given period and those ranks help various companies to hire the creamy layer for their own reputed companies.

Thus at last one can concludes that for a way to better future, one of the important checkpoints are standardized test, which is present in every field for very person to get an easy pass to a better world, therefore take them seriously and do appropriate hard work needed and therefore you go ahead in path of achievements.

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