Heat Massage Recliner

Heat Massage Recliner:

The massage recliners have undergone a remarkable transition over the past years, from primitive vibrating chairs to highly comfortable massage chairs featuring various massage therapies, heat generating equipment and music. In these changed times, mental stress is inescapable and it does not allow the muscles to relax .Prolonged stress can cause muscles to become stiff and lose their flexibility and this can result in a painful condition. In order to alleviate the pain various massage therapies have been put to application from time to time. However, the contemporary massage chairs have been developed keeping the basic elements of Swedish massage therapy in mind. Various elements of vibration, effleurage, friction, tapottement, petissage, traction in totality help body destress, rejuvenate and leads to an improved blood circulation.

A heat massage recliner offers countless health benefits and therefore has become quite sought after piece of furniture these days.  People can chose from a wide range of modals and can get them installed in their office, home and gym with full ease.

Features which must be considered while buying a Heat Massage Recliner:

Before investing in a Heat Massage Recliner one must be sure of his requirements and specifications otherwise one may end up shelling out a great amount of money without deriving the maximum out of it.

  • On an average a basic modal of a Heat Massage Recliner can serve a body measuring around 5' 10'' but then the models which allow adjustments along height, width and specific areas are the best. Therefore a test ride is recommended before making the final deal.
  • Speed and intensity of massage is another area which should be given attention to. Many a times we would like to go in for a soft massage and there are times when a rigorous massage is what one looks for. One must opt for a model having a speed and an intensity regulator.
  • Ideally a good Heat Massage Recliner should have the provision of giving Localised/ Focussed massaging. Generally the massage recliners do not focus on areas like neck, calf area etc. therefore resultant gets affected.
  • A Heat Massage Recliner installed with a mechanical paddle system using an air compression is anytime better than the chairs devoid of this feature. By making use high technology the feature focuses on lower body area including feet, thighs, calfs, hips, spine and buttocks and therefore ensures more relaxation.

Popular Brands of Heat Massage Recliners:

 Montage Elite massage chair by Omega, Real Pro Elite y Panasonic are some models which sell like a hot cake. Various models by Sanyo are also installed with the above mentioned features and are therefore peoples' choice.

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