Google Helps You In Education As Well As Sharpen Your Memory

Memorization sometimes gets a bad rap in education world. Yes, education is way more than just memorizing formulas, facts, dates, spellings also pronunciations. But you do have to get information into brain somehow, right? Technology has brought more information to our fingertips but does it also make us forget things more easily?

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How Google Affects Memory?

Google Services As Extensions of Knowledge:

• Google calendar reminds you of all events in your life so you do not have to.
• Google Docs helps keep all of your documents at your fingertips; No more worrying where something is or if you saved what you were working on.
• Google Search: Basically anything you could need to know about it just a click away.
• Google analytics analyzes your sites traffic so you can optimize - without having to do any of analytic legwork.
• Google images allow you to use photos to find out information about objects in photos you take (like paintings or landmarks). No remembering necessary.
• Google maps mean you never have to remember directions or addresses.

How is Google Changing Our Memory?

Without internet access, we had to do a lot of legwork to find information we were looking for. We then found ways to memorize also remember things we needed to know. next time we needed to remember that information, we were likely to remember it because we took time to research it also use mental devices (like visual memory, mnemonic devices, etc) to remember it.

When we need to know something, we turn to our trusty computers also look it up. Since information is so readily available, we do not often take time to encode information into our brains. So next time we need to remember that information, it is likely that we will need to look it up again

The Consequences (Good as well as Bad):

• We are becoming symbiotic with our computer tools.
• Accessibility of information is great - this does not necessarily mean that we won't remember it just because it is easily available.
• Human recall is flawed - every time we remember something, we remake it somewhat. Tools like Google search act as fact checkers for us.
• We have a lot of information stored in our computer based memories for our use. More information than ever before!
• We no longer have needed to memorize any details - also often do not.
• These new habits may interfere with our development of deeper knowledge.
• Misinformation is common on internet.

What Role Is Google Playing In Education?

It's not a secret that Google is omnipresent in modern world. So Google's attempts to penetrate into sphere of education come as no surprise. About a year ago industry calmly expanded its presence in sphere also today it increases its share at educational goods market.

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Thanks to Google Apps for Education program, which has been offered to schools for free also introduced by a number of them, Google make it clear that industry is interested in this sphere. But up to this moment use of program has been limited by cloud services. So with release of Google Play for Education intentions of industry have become crystal clear, as industry has presented a service which will combine their best software also hardware also their app market.

Initially, industry revealed plans about turning their Play Store into a virtual classroom during Google I/O conference in May. Now Google officially releases service after a 5-month beta-testing made with help of teachers also pupils from more than 50 schools.

Good For Education And Good For Developers, Too:

In practice, Google Play for Education is intended for helping persons to search for educational applications also for helping content providers to reach wider audience. Not long ago Google made a research among teachers also system administrators also found out that main problem they need to solve with help of Google is saving time. In other words, being overloaded with busy schedules, they need to get instruments that will help to save time by assisting pupils in their studies also by creating new lesson standards.

In order to meet expectations, Google uses a two-side approach which combines software also hardware. It begins with offer for schools to choose one of three ‘ready for school use' Android tablets. First one of them is Nexus, which shows that industry is ready to provide latest also best devices for this program. Other tablets are Asus Transformer Pad also HP Slate 8 Pro, which will be introduced into program next year.


But Google knows that in sphere of education they compete not only with Apple also its iPad but also with other education-centred devices, such as Amplify by Wireless Generation or Known, which has been bought by Intel. To get a competitive edge over other competitors, Google unites Google Play also some other products into one package also offers wholesale purchases also instant spread of educational apps, videos also other content on Android tablets with help of cloud services.

Google says that with help of Google Play for Education teachers will be able to find apps "approved by teachers for teachers". Teachers will be able to find approved apps by class, subjects or, what is even more important, by Common Core standards. Industry will even pay some teachers for reviewing apps also will mark such apps with a special sign.

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