Four Easy Ways to Motivate Your Project Team

4 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Project Team

To increase the productivity of your project team, you need to motivate them time and again. It is one of the success factors. Companies and organisations assign various tasks to their project team and want the work to be within the time frame. They don't ask the team how they are going to get the task done. They just want the work to be completed on time. The bosses should sit and have a chat with the project team to know the progress of the work. But they have assigned this to a senior executive. The project team is an important part of every organisation. The team is headed by a manager or leader who assigns tasks to the team members. He or she oversees the work and goes through each phase. They ask for regular updates. The team use their expertise to get the work done. It looks at ways to meet the needs and wants of the business, contributes to the vision and objective, and documents the process. The project team carefully plans and prepares. They have a heavy responsibility as the organisation's success, and profits lay upon its shoulders. Their work, layout and presentation have to be efficacious. To get the project team to do its utmost,

here are some motivational tips:

1.    Know the Project Team-it's important to know the members of the project team. Get to know them well, and discuss their skills and expertise with them. Exchange ideas and thoughts; observe what they feel about the work and the organisation as a whole. One can know the team's strengths and weaknesses. The organisation can provide on-going training accordingly.

2.    Clear Goals-setting goals is very important. It gives a sense of direction to the team. They will know what is to be achieved. Goals are like objectives. They have something to work towards. Goals can be short-term or long-term. It depends on the task at hand. Moreover, it gives the team something to focus on.

3.    Performance - the organisation has to monitor or keep track of the project team's performance. If there's any problem, the issue can be addressed. One shouldn't wait until the last minute to do so. Performance tracking has to be done now and then. Organisations should provide on the job training or certification to develop, improve and upgrade the skills. The project team should be given the right tools and resources. They should be given the support that they need.

4.    Reward-every employee likes to be rewarded. The same is for the project team. Their hard work, dedication and sincerity should be rewarded. The organisation has to appreciate and praise the work done. Itmotivates the team to do better and better.

Feedback is also necessary and important. The organisation should give feedbacks to the project team. They should be praised and criticised. The criticism should be constructive, something which the team can use to improve and do better. It shouldn't repulse them from continuing with the work or leaving it altogether. The organisation can assign the senior executives or some board members to review the work of the project team. There can be a discussion or meeting where the team and the senior executives can communicate freely. There can be an exchange of ideas. The team members can share their problems and have it resolved. The organisation can motivate the team by celebrating small milestones and successes. It doesn't have to be at the completion of the project. It can be done midway to boost the confidence of the team. The celebration doesn't have to be big. Organisations can send pizzas or coffee coupons and movie passes to the team. It will surely have them smiling. Overall, projects are hard work. It requires the team to put in extra hours and more work. It is stressing and hard. If the project team becomes slow, don't worry. It usually happens. Given some breathing space and time out, they are back at it again with an adrenaline rush! Organisations shouldn't become agitated if the project team is not working as per their instructions. Maybe they need to relook at the guidelines. The project team needs to be refreshed with ideas time and again. There has to be clear communication and space. If organisations keep on asking for progress, they are hampering the working style of the project team. They are made conscious and jumpy. It should be avoided at all costs.

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