Fashion and its history

The paper tries to describe fashion and how fashion originated and the tyes of fashion that were associated with different period of history. It also tries to make an analysis of why a certain cult was called fashion.

Fashion was a cultural trait that reflected the subtle cultural changes happening in society.

Right from the time one can chronicle societies, individuals have always used clothes and other ornaments to display their power rank and richness. These clothes were also used to associate people with specific classes. the group affiliations that one could see  was also visible by the way people dressed and so  it became a cult to dress ,ormamentalise  one self to bring out the status of an individual, this became fashion especially when a group followed a new design  or an art form this was basically non verbal in nature and so  was easily adopted to and passed on from  groups of people .

The study of fashion is called  semiotics and the theories of fashion  is popularly called the sociology semiotics theory  Fashion is considered a language of signs symbols and use of iconography that convey to the people  a new system has come into vogue.  This sort of iconography conveys to people the individual identity of the possessor and slowly becomes a cult. When people start following something new it becomes a fashion. Fashion is also considered a tool to measure cultural changes. Fashion conceals every ugliness and descriptness of the wearer and hence is considered to be  a lot popular now a days with people becoming very conscious of what they are weaning and how they dress. It has become a trend to be in thing in adapting to latest trends and ideas. .

Veblen says '...our apparel is always in evidence and affords an indication of our pecuniary standing to all observers at first glance...dress, therefore, in order to serve its purpose effectively should not only be expensive, but it should also make plain to all observers that the wearer is not engaged in any kind of productive labor.( Veblen,- Dress As An expression Of The Pecuniary Culture').

Laver's law of fashion is considered to be one of the most potent sources fro deciding what is  fashion and is considered to be a great  identifier of what people say about fashion.

Laver's Law


10 years before its time


5 years before its time


1 year before its time




1 year after its time


10 years after its time


20 years after its time


30 years after its time


50 years after its time


70 years after its time


100 years after its time


150 years after its time

(source: fashion-era)

Types of fashion:

Fashion was closely associated with the aristocrats and the rich. It was manifest in the regency, Edwardian and Victorian styles in England, the pompous French styles and the aristocratic styles of the Greek and Romans and of course the  occidental types of the east. Notwithstanding the gypsies also set a fashion trend of their own.

 Fashion started in its own very best with the royalty in England and as the royalty  passed on trends it became possible for people to understand  how and how best to adapt the changes .

London and Paris  were considered to be the origin of fashion and countries all around  the world followed suit.  The fashion of clothes both men and women, perfumes, accessories that went with it were all designed and made in these two places. So fashion originated from here.

Classical fashion was defined to be a set of attributes of clothes, shoes, hair and art that was adorned during the  1600 to 1800 . The styles varied and there was no  record of the fashion then till the paintings of the renaissance  painters showed  off the fashion trends during the 19th century.

The renaissance fashion was determined by clean shaven eyebrows and vey  revealing dresses for  women with muslin and chiffon forming the greatest   apparel  for clothes . For men the fashion was high necked vests with tapering trousers and was all black. Tuxedos in red were hot favorites.

The neo classical fashion was set off by the monarchy and was  followed by a whole set of women and men ,their specialty being the wedding fashion.

Thr modern fashion is now changing every day and every season .the fashion seasons  now are spring  summer autumn and winter with every festival being associated with some fashion trend or the other.

Fashion types were demarcated based on specific fashion needs of the days they represented.

 Clothes: fashion meant clothes and all accessories including the lingerie, the hat and gloves. This was complemented by hair styles, perfumery and all other complements. The trend of fashion was remarkably prudent in the clothes of the different eras. The Elizabethan era was supposed to be very conscious of its fashion in clothes.

Home fashion: furniture and home accessories were  also  the talk of the days and homes which were elegantly furnished and beautifully furnished were said to be a collector's home. Fashion inspired people to build beautiful homes and to decorate the same.

The Spanish and Italian homes s were supposed to be trend setter in home fashion .their ornate  styles were  considered  to be living even now. Everything about the Tudor style was big and opulent, though the French and Arabians believed in dark and somber homes.

 Furniture: as home fashion kept changing so did the furniture fashion too.  From the concept of stone came wooed and bamboo and now different types of   material which believes that small is beautiful.


Fashion encompasses a whole range of items from dress, home to  shoes and even to the stationery and pens that are used. Fashion has transcended into a sublime world of beauty and expensive artifacts and is now a changing trend in   fashion has undergoing changes in societies and as people became more and more career oriented fashion to suit the working woman is now at its best. Socialites and Magazines do write   a lot on fashion and people and celebrities who bring in fashion are the most talked about. Fashion is what keeps people alive and societies grow and new styles emerging.

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