Effect Identified having dyslexia or ADHD

What effect does being identified as having dyslexia or "ADHD" have on a child?

Dyslexia is a problem which is termed as the reading disorder problem. The person has the usual intelligence level but is has several problems in reading quickly, peeling the words, writing the words or understanding what the other person is reading. The dyslexia is sometimes accompanied by a disorder, ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).The condition in which the person has a problem with paying attention, performing an action without thought.The dyslexia is the problem which has affected many people around the world. It is detected at the preschool level, however; sometimes it may take the time to spot dyslexia. The person with dyslexia or ADHD is the ordinary human beings with some disorder. Many famous people have this problem, but that have not stopped them from reaching the top. There cannot be a more famous example than the Mr Steve Jobs, the co- founder of Apple Inc. So the students with dyslexia or ADHD can do the best in their life given the right guidance and can lead a regular life.

The problem of dyslexia or ADHD cannot be detected in a child at a go, it symptoms is generally detected by the parents or the teachers first. A child who is leading a normal life when is suddenly identified with dyslexia or ADHD is not able to even understand the problem in him or her.

The effects on being identified as dyslexia or "ADHD" on a child:

Tom was a boy who was very charming and active. From his very little age, he had interested in doing arts, making beautiful pictures. As a routine process, he was admitted to the school. Initial days was good, but slowly his class teacher Miss Martha, started smelling something wrong with the study habits of John. He was not able to identify letters nor was able to sing rhymes in chore along with other students. Miss Martha approached John's parents and discussed this issue. Initially, they were not able to digest it but then after realising the matter they merely changed the school of John and got him admitted to the special school. John who was once the cheering boy who loved to paint suddenly becomes silent. He never painted again. It was the effect that identification of dyslexia had on him. There is a difference between identification and detection. If dyslexia in John were detected and treated with due care, giving him the more time and attention, by letting him study in the same school this would not have happened. But instead he was identified with dyslexia and his parents changed his school. He was made to study with students who have other severe disorders; the result was that he lost all his interest. The dyslexia is not a condition where a person cannot lead a normal life. These students require special attention which can be given in the presence of all the students without going into detail about the reason for giving the different facilities. Like a student with dyslexia can be made to hear rhymes via audio which is available with him every time so that he learns them easily. If a student is identified with dyslexia and is treated differently, his friends and other students in the class will tease him which will lead him to depression.

A child with dyslexia is blessed with some unique talent. It is often termed that the cells in the minds of people with dyslexia are differently placed, though they have the problem in reading or writing they are also blessed with some unique talent. They may be good in arts, sports and so on. A child when detected with dyslexia can be surrounded with a lot of confusion and an inner war in his mind; that why he has this problem. He may be not able to explain what is going inside his mind. The love and care of his teachers and parents can facilitate him to come out of this situation. He must be taught the basic academics in the slightly different way, but his focus can be shifted towards his unique talent. The child will not be affected in this way and he will able to make a bright future for himself. 


Dyslexia or ADHD is not a disease or mental problem; it is disorder and should be treated in that manner. A child feels that the letters are dancing on the paper, the word 'b' and' seem similar to him. These problems are just an illustration which a child with dyslexia faces. It is too much for the little heart and mind of the child. However, if a child is given the warmth of love and care, he can lead a normal life without letting this disease affecting his life.

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