Do College Rankings Matter?

Do College Rankings Matter?

A college ranking is a rank given to colleges every year. The ranking of the college is derived from; merit, employment ratio, quality of education and other various aspects. The data about the ranking of college is published in newspapers, magazines and the internet. The student or parents consider the ranking of the college for the admission. The ranking of college is also treated as the status symbol for many in society. The colleges with top rank are the ones that are ones preferred by the students.

When a rank of the college is decided, the several factors are taken into consideration. Sometimes college ranking is decided merely on basis of a single factor or all factors. The particular subject also determines the ranking of some colleges. The students study hard to get the admissions in the top ranked colleges. The name of the college and its position is the matter of concern for the students. However, it raises the question whether the college rankings matters?

Do College Rankings Matter?

A top reputed company was conducting an interview for the prestigious job, they conducted the interview and finally shortlisted two candidates; Sam and John. Sam was graduated from the top college while John was graduated from the middle ranking college. Regarding scores, the graduation score of John was comparatively higher than Sam. The interview panel was in little doubt, however, after discussion with the owner of the company, they finally shortlisted Sam. One of panelist was little unhappy with the decision; to this, the owner of the company cleared all the apprehensions in his mind by elucidation him the reason; that though the score of Sam is less than John to get the admission in the top college, it requires a lot of intelligence and wit. The score of Sam may be less than the John, but the skills and quality of knowledge will be of course higher than John.

Even after working for ten odd years in a reputed company when Amelia opted for a job change, the first question she was asked about was the name of her college and ranking.

Sean was working for an engineering firm from past five years and one fine day he met with his new boss who was seven years junior to him, recently graduated from the top college. He was a fresher and was starting his career. However, he was passed from the top engineering college while Sean's college was middle ranked college.

The above examples are just the little scenario of the importance of the college ranking. A lot many things are said about the college ranking. However, the ground reality is that college ranking matters and that to a large extent. A person may choose any field, but if he or she is graduated from the top colleges, they leave an impression which is indeed a profound impression.

The ranking of the colleges is not merely done on a random basis. It involves numerous factors and a lot of data analysis. The quality of education, the experienced faculty and the aura of the colleges are some of the aspects which differentiate the ranks of the colleges. A student who gets graduated from the top college is groomed in a very spectacular way. It can be commented that the content of education is same in all colleges but top rank colleges student is not just taught about the content. It gives a lot more. A student from the top college has the confidence and attitude which gets inbuilt in him. It gives an impression that they are top colleges and deserve special treatment.

The college rankings do matter a lot but for the students and parents, it is very vital to gain the complete and correct knowledge about the ranking of college. There are some colleges whose ranking is globally decided, and they are always among the top rankers but for others, they need to check the multiple sources. Another important factor is the choice of course over the ranking of college. A student must prefer the course he wants to purse rather than the college rank. As ultimately he has to make his career in the field he chooses. 


It is said that the people who don't get admission in reputed college are the ones who say that the ranking does not matter for others it do matters. If you want to be on the top, then it is important to choose the top college.

The ranking of the college not only reflects the quality of the college nevertheless also the consistency in giving the superlative education to the students.

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