Depression or Anxiety in Cancer patients

Depression or Anxiety in Cancer patients

Grief and sadness comes hand in hand with diagnosis of cancer. The tension, anxiety and negative feelings can overwhelm you. For everyone this is a life changing diagnosis and could become the most difficult phase of life. But this is the time to test our inner strength and fight with this disease. Feeling of negativity is common for every patient and we have to overcome it .so we can pass this difficult phase of our life with flying colors to enjoy our beautiful life.

Every individual is unique and each one of us takes this news differently. Some people might have feeling of disbelief, despair and denial. There may be many mixed feelings like depression, anxiety, tensions, feeling of loss etc.  For some of us these feelings are momentarily, but for others this experience can have devastating effect on their life. The major concerns of people suffering from cancer are fear of losing the life, altered appearance and chance in social life. Cancer is always accompanied by financial concerns also.

It is very important to know that our physical well being is not possible without our mental well being. The emotional status of the patient plays a very important role in his complete cure of cancer. So after diagnosis, try to come in terms with the real situation. This feeling of grief and sadness is common with every patient so it is perfectly normal to have such negative feelings. Talk to your family and friends about all this. They are the people who are important to you, ask their support and help. All this will boost your moral in the fight against cancer.

Be positive and try to overcome all the negative energy near you. It is always helpful to join support group for group therapy. There you can talk openly about your anxiety, tensions and fears related to cancer. You can take individual therapy from counselor or psychologist for recovery from psychological symptoms of this disease. Always remember your emotional status have a direct impact on you physiological healing. So be positive and live the life to the fullest.

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