Customer acceptance of Internet Protocol Television

The topic for research is the customer acceptance of Internet Protocol Television.

Internet Protocol Television is based on the use of Internet Protocol, which means that the service can be used with telecommunications services majorly through broadband internet lines. IPTV offers many advantages. It is a new market idea and provides a lucrative market as many telecom providers are looking at it as a great opportunity to provide new services and derive new revenue streams. IPTV is expected to become one big thing in the entertainment market in the next few years.

            The required research problem student is "Customer Acceptance of Internet Protocol Television". IPTV has been a breakthrough digital technology that and is in initial stages of growth cycle. An IPTV system is based on a set top box which receives incoming data and then re assembles the data packets followed by decoding of the incoming data so as to provide the desired output.

            Jang (2011) had researched on the topic of Customer Acceptance of IPTV service quality to research into the insights of IPTV quality and reveal mediation effects in the process of forming the repurchase intention.

            The primary challenge would be to select the research methods and collecting data for conducting the research. The study will be empirically investigated based on the research models and will conduct a survey of IPTV service users. The system is more complex when seen from the provider end. The most important part of the IPTV system is the operator's central distribution center. It is here that all the material are assembled and encoded. Few basic advantage of IPTV is Channels selection, video on demand, control of quality of service and provision for error correction.

All this explains the gaining popularity of IPTV system and with more and more people using broadband connection; it is most likely that the IPTV technology will experience tremendous growth in the coming years. When this system is bundled with other services, it will offer a very cost effective way of viewing to a lot of viewers and offer a lucrative market to the service providers.

Introduction of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) has enabled Television to progress to the next stage in terms of technology. In many countries, it is being adopted as the standard for digital television. DVB offers a plethora of opportunities over the analogue radio. 

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