Ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis

Ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis:

Bursitis is a medical term indicating the inflammation of bursa. Bursa is a tiny sac like tissue which remains filled with a fluid .It acts as a cushion and absorbs shocks between bones tendons joints and muscles thereby minimising friction. During Bursitis  due to vigorous and repetitive movement of bone over bursa, inflammation occurs which leads to localized pain, swelling, redness, stiffness and warmth. The affected area therefore undergoes a lot of pain and is unable to bear body pressure. There are 160 bursae in the body. The commonest site  of inflammation are shoulder, elbow, ankle, knee, buttocks, hip, thigh .

An infection, injury, prolonged rheumatism, obesity, gout, joint overuse or certain diseases can be instrumental in causing bursitis. Apart from the external symptoms X-ray testing helps in the diagnosis of Bursitis. Treatment of Bursitis involves rest, compression with ice, intake of analgesics and anti-inflammatory medicines. In certain conditions removal of fluid with syringe is also recommended. Cortisone injection is administered in case of non infectious Bursitis.

Ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis includes certain remedies which are very promising, cost effective and readily available. Owing to the side effects caused by the medications prescribed by physicians ayurvedic treatment of Bursitis is preferred by people. Common herbal remedies for Bursitis are

  • Application of warm olive oil, sesame oil, sandal wood paste, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and neem oil are effective herbal remedies for Bursitis which give respite instantly.
  • Deficiency of calcium and vitamin B12 leads to swelling of the bursa and consequently the concerned organ. Therefore oral intake of calcium,B12 and magnesium is an ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis.
  • Preparing a mixture by boiling a tbsp of cayenne pepper with apple cider vinegar and applying it over affected areas is another good herbal remedy for Bursitis.
  • Keeping a grated potato overnight in a cup of water and drinking the strained liquid before breakfast on a daily basis helps in soothing the pain. This is a proven herbal remedy for Bursitis.
  • Sea waters also have therapeutic properties and have proved to very good in case of chronic Bursitis.
  • Put a grated fresh horseradish root in a small porous bag and moisten then it apply it on the affected area. This is yet another herbal remedy for Bursitis.
  • The application of Rumalaya Forte and Rumalaya Gel which has an ayurvedic formulation. They are very potent in lessening the inflammation. Herbs like as boswellia, licorice, guggul, five-leaved chaste tree form the base of this ayurvedic treatment for Bursitis
  • Application of Ashwagandha, Turmeric and Boswellia are recommended to reduce stress on joints and inflammation.
  • Drinking two cups of liquorice tea every day is helpful.
  • Consuming broth made from seaweeds such as kelp which is rich source of minerals helps replenish the deficiency which causes Bursitis.

Other than practicing the above mentioned remedies of the ayurvedic treatment of Bursitis the patient should avoid strenuous exercise, should take rest, shed excess calories and perform yoga.

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