Attitude to lead a good and a bad marriage-Paper

A problem which is not recognized by its name in the society, but it exists and implicates that middle class girls are forced to fit into this marriage concept in their early age and then are expected to fabricate into womanhood. This is very simple to understand if to see on common grounds that women would have limited choice when they are expected to make career out of being housewives and mothers. The whole effort goes into keep trying to become this feminine mystique image and thus it is called by them a widespread happiness. A good marriage should be a commitment where two persons willing to share their life with each other, there should not be any compulsion rather a sense of freedom where both are allowed to live with each other happily but more importantly giving equal importance to their individuality. Here, it should not be bounded on terms and conditions instead it should be based on love and self-respect and care for others.

A good marriage is the one where both the persons are into each other, but they do not give less importance to their life. A woman should be involved into her personal life but should not ignore her identity. She should not be doing this for society but for herself and her spouse. First priority of any woman life should not be marriage rather other productive activities such as education, career and not to find husband above all other goals. The decision should be taken by her and not enforced on her.

A bad marriage is when a girl is forced to fabricate herself into woman and fulfill all the responsibilities. In this case she does not get freedom to decide her career or what she wants to do in her life. This ways she loses her identity and enters into a world of unhappiness even withoutrealizing and could not understand the reason behind it. The purpose of life is not just to get married and settle down for someone else, it is finding your goals and objectives in your life and then look for a person who is compatible with you and appreciate your efforts towards your goals and objectives.

This is not a way to productive society where people should be encouraged to work on their talents and pursue as their career. When women would ignore their potential qualities, then there would be an inefficient society because half of the population is not utilizing its talent. The result would not just be a widespread unhappiness but also depression and suicide which would lead to a place not good to live.

Thus there is a significant difference in attitude to lead a good and a bad marriage. The middle class society inclination is to make their girls into this concept without realizing that this is like a trap for them, which has a widespread impact on the society. The women should be given equal rights with her husband and those rights are manifested in her freedom to choose from small to big things related to both. 

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