Analysis of recruitment and selection strategy of UAE retail organizations

Analysis of recruitment and selection strategy of UAE retail organizations

Many human resources personals invest ample amount of their precious time in actions linked with the recruitment and selection of employees. It can be varied from one-off recruitment episodes to chief recruitment campaigns carried out to recruit and choose replacement workforce, staff with specialized skills, trainee employees, graduates, etc. HR personals often thus gain an enormous experience in the range of administrative, interviewing and other recruitment activities associated with choosing and hiring in any particular organization. In larger organizations specialist recruitment officers may be appointed within the HR team or recruitment services may be delivered from a recruitment service center, whose primary role is to ensure that (to borrow a time-honored expression) 'the right people with the right skills are employed at the right time' by the organization. Other HR practitioners have little involvement in recruitment and selection, however, because these activities have been devolved to line managers or outsourced to specialist agencies and the in-house professionals may only get involved in limited activities or in overseeing the process.

The UAE is a fastest growing nation among the entire Gulf region. Apart from being a country prosperous in the oil and gas sector, UAE is popularly seen as an open and wide prospective country, which is ready to make all the necessary experiments with new and modern management practices and to introduce models that will assist it in seeking an effective diversification of its economy. With the advent of few MNC's over the past few decades, UAE has gained the impressive interests of several domestic and foreign companies. With the high-level competition in a comparatively smaller UAE market has made both in-house and foreign companies extremely productivity conscious. It is, in turn, has lead to the generation of huge interest and motivation among various companies to search actively for the best administration practice in all fields, including Human Resource Management, to perk up their working efficiency and overall presentation which is mostly required by every company. The present study may be seen as a break to authenticate and expand the findings of HR performance studies conducted in Western countries to a non-Western environment.

For a high pace tube corporation like Metro Dubai, the fundamental triumph factors to ensure good customer sensitivity of the value of service include, loyalty, tempo, elasticity(the ability to acclimatize to and address changing schedules of trains), and good customer service. The challenge before Serco, therefore, is to employ pick and hold people with the accurate skills, standards, and attitudes and foster them to extract a long term loyalty towards the group.

Training assets and the amount of training and development programs the companies open over the past few years provided a quantified measurement of this particular variable. Exclusively, the measure was concentrated on the following four items:

1. training and enhancing the budget of the organization;

2. number of domestic training camps and workshops accessible in a year;

3. training and development programs controlled with the help of outsourced consulting companies; and

4. career improvement opportunities provided in overseas.

As reward plays a major role in influencing the level of the pleasure of employees, there was a vital need to institute the level to which the UAE has ventured into the area of rewarding its workforce, and how this affects their level of expectations and motivation to be loyal to the company and work more dedicatedly. Moreover, while rewards were convinced to be marked as the key factor in depicting a level of motivation which allowed employees to perform their duties more accurately and desirable. The issues are counteracted whether such rewards were sufficient reason for the working individuals to remain loyal to a company or the associated firm, given that few of them experienced a considerable low return. Regardless of this, the positive reaction rendered by compensation indicated a significant pace of enthusiasm and motivation. Profit such as medical allowances, shelter allowances, emergency medical leave, transportation allowances, etc. is along with the several other benefits in various organizations. A simple gratitude also acts as a nonmonetary appreciation which helps to inspire the employees to perform better.

Thus the schemes in the UAE regarding the recruitment in the retail market is on a hike and is now considered as an important market where the production and growth of the relevant products are monitored with the quality of employees selected for output and management processes.

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