Advertising - an Art of promoting products and services

Advertising is the process or act through which the attention of the public can be drawn to some products, services, needs, etc. It is a kind of paid announcement which can be seen in newspapers, magazines, over radio or over television and often on billboards (Advertising, 2012). Art, on the other hand, can be defined as a product of conscious intention which tends to unite dissimilar objects and which often is a venture which encompasses the aesthetic exploitation of familiarity versus surprise. Art is an exhibition of skills, an illustration providing meaning to something (Belton, 1996).

Modern advertising is a departure from earlier history of art and this is evident in the fact that today's advertisements are composed of promotions on the television, pictures in magazines and sometime jingles on the radio. And all these forms are quite different from the old form of advertising art which represented the works of artists composing posters in which they usually did paint cleverly to convey the promotional message or the central message of the advertisement. At the very initial stages these posters were usually produced in black and white and there is a huge difference between today's form of advertisement and the form of the old process.

Furthermore, there has been a long drawn debate that whether or not advertisement can be considered as an art. In my opinion, it should not be considered art in a complete sense. There is difference between pure art and the art of advertisement. One can say that "art is a gift given to the audience by the artist... ad is trying to get something out of the audience: a purchase, a change of opinion, a new behavior" (Hein, 2011). There is a stark difference between the purpose and objectives of pure art and advertisement. Advertising should not be considered as art in the strictest sense but the former can implement the elements of the latter's creative methods to accomplish particular goals to influence the behaviors of consumers and to pursue them to get inclined to some particular products. But interestingly enough the mode of persuasion, often adopted by advertising, can definitely be treated as an art but advertising itself is not to be taken as pure art. In other words, advertisement is an applied art form. Advertisement is more a skill than an art as it needs creative abilities to amalgamate both art and business to accomplish the desired goal. 

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