Advertisements Critique

Advertisements critique

Critique of an advertisement helps to study the numerous factors that are an important part of the ad and also helps in associating the factors that make the ad offensive and those factors that can build an ad great. This also helps to realize as to improving of which factors can help improve an ad to a great extent. Few ads happen to be offensive to the society as they hurt sentiments by creating inappropriate depictions or hurts religious sentiments. In this way it creates problems and offends several segments if the society.

An advertisement that was in the newspapers (including leading papers like Daily Telegraph) on September 4, 2012 is the KFC ad where in a container has been shown as a part of the dress of a Muslim woman and her head has been covered with a KFC bucket. This ad shows religious offense and therefore such ads should not be made.

Such advertisements are tremendously offensive and can lead to riots in responsive areas. It can lead to problems even in international relations and lead to a community going next to the brand and abandoning it from entering several Arab and gulf countries as well. It is necessary that ad makers be socially responsible and not create such offensive advertisements since they can hurt the sentiments of people.

Yet another The usage of the word joy and associating it with family as well as several aspects of life is a huge way of promoting a product and creating a creative and impactful advertisement. If the consumer finds superior choices and realizes that a product may not be doing it good or has changing preferences, then it becomes crucial for a company, no matter how strong and how successful, to modify itself for the customer and that is the only way in which a company can survive and so happiness of the customer is crucial for Coca - Cola.

This advertisement helps bring in a lot of feelings and emotional appeal and yet is pleasant and nice. It does not offend any particular sect and respects family ethics, thus making the ad great. It helps people relate themselves appropriately with a good cause of family bonding and sharing happy moments with family members.

In this way I get this ad great as it helps people relate themselves with family principles and brings in a motivation of happiness which is to be extend all around the world in order to make a top level of kindness in the society as well as helps bring in suitable pleasantness for the product and the company as well.

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