Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Technology To Teach Students

Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Technology To Teach Students

Be it any classroom anywhere in the world, no two teachers are the same and so are their teaching methods. They try to share their experience with their students depending on the way they were taught and how it made them feel. The lecture style or the authoritative style of teaching has been ruling the charts for years and it still doesn't get old. It is a model that is centered to the teacher and one way presentations. Here, students are expected to take notes from whatever the teacher is sharing with them. The students are expected to absorb information from what is being told to them in a classroom without many interjections or interaction.

Nowadays to break the monotony, many techniques and technologies are being tried in the education industry to excite children to study and have fun whilst they do that. The use of technology has been effective in more aspects than one and has also increased employment opportunities in the sector as well resulting in benefits of students as well as teachers. The good part is that the role of technology in the education sector has removed so many boundaries that teachers and students can use it in real time saving a lot of time and effort from both ends. Students who want to learn from distance learning have benefitted the most from the use of technology and today, there is nothing that can be stopped from being learnt or understood by anyone interested irrespective of their culture or country. Virtual Classrooms are affordable and flexible at the same time. Students don't have to work according to the time of the lecture but can educate themselves once they have some free time on their hand. Barring cultural differences, this also allows you to feel the vibe of classroom education as one can interact with students from all across the board virtually. Till now virtual classrooms have been a boon to the society and have been yielding positive results as many are benefitting from them in the day and age of the internet.

The best positive result that virtual classrooms have brought happen to be saving of time in travelling to reach an institution as one can access the study material from any geographical location without being physically present. Communicating tools like Skype help in face to face communication between the teacher and the student resulting in full focus and attention from both ends which is wonderful. Students even in remote areas can have full access to study material without feeling neglected as everyone is treated an equal without holding any bias towards anyone. The internet is a vast place to acquire information on anything and everything one thinks of and that is the biggest help when it comes to teaching virtually. Many who cannot afford the luxury of purchasing books to study and take a reference from do not need to waste money on the same. With a click of the button, they can surf the internet and scroll for the information they need without hoarding books that they might never use later.

There are many other educational resources available on the internet like Podcasts, digital libraries, tutors and many more. They say that a computer is much more patient than a human being who breathes which makes the job all the more easier when one is dealing with the machine. Almost half of the population has a hate-hate relationship with Mathematics and there is hardly anyone you might find who is in love with the subject. Virtual classrooms help the needy here, with customized games to make the understanding of the subject easier, students do not feel the brunt of how hard mathematics can be. Another advantage of enrolling oneself to virtual classrooms is that you can never miss an assignment or a lecture. Many websites make sure that they keep reminding you to finish your assignment before time so there never is a day when you have to excuse yourself from the classroom. This game is very fair as there is no difference or preference on the basis of introvert or an extrovert student. Each student works on themselves and personality traits do not come in the way for an inferiority complex for anyone.

Virtual Classrooms also prepare oneself for the future. They make sure that your hand is so flexible while working with new technology that you never feel inferior when you are ready to go out in the professional world. Speaking of the disadvantages of education through virtual classrooms somewhat run neck to neck with the advantages of the same. For a student who needs to be motivated time and again by a teacher who is physically present in a classroom feels stuck as he doesn't have a tangible professor in front of him who can reprimand and appreciate from time to time. Since there is no tangible classroom, there are no tangible peers as well. For a student who is not confident enough, there are no peers who he or she can compete with to improve one's grades.

One would have to motivate themselves on their own so they can achieve what their set goal is which can be difficult at times for some.The most important thing that you need to access virtual classrooms is internet. We must not forget we live in a space which is not fully equipped to surrender itself to the world of electronic waves. So if you do not have fully running internet speed, you will face a problem again and again resulting in losing your moral. Another problem that is faced by some here happens to be waiting for feedback instead of getting an instant one when there is a professor sitting on your head in your classrooms. Lag in back and forth in the process of mailing can waste ones time and energy and even the message can be lost in translation as the whole process is virtual in the cyber space.

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