Assessment of Role, Tasks and Activities of a Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Planning and Development >> Assessment of Role, Tasks and Activities of a Human Resources Manager in an organization

Assessment of Role, Tasks and Activities of a Human Resources Manager in an organization

The HRM department in an organization is taking an active role to ensure the business objectives and strategy is achieved. A major role they play is in recruitment of staff inline with the business objectives, ensuring the company is resourced for the correct skill set. The HRM function also focuses the organizations on racking and implementing new trends in the chosen industry, which can be volatile at times.

The HR department at this company set the policies and guidelines that all staff must adhere to. These are generic policies to legally protect staff, ensure they are fairly treated and protected. The HR Function needs to ensure that employees are motivated; as a result of this incentives have been introduced for employees to reach higher levels at the workplace. This is a typical role that any HRM function takes at a large organisation as it stated on the HRM Advice website . At an organization such as Centrica the HR function has introduced ‘Leadership Behaviors’ motivating employees to take control over their own careers and ensure all employees take on board their own development with guidance from the HR Manager.

Another function the HRM is to ensure there are enough development and training opportunities, this is supported by a competency framework for employees, informing them of what they need to achieve in their role to move up the echelons of this organisation. According to an article by on The New Roles of the Human Resource Professional when they refer to the HRM function as being the employee advocate .

The human resources manager will ensure a plan is in place to obtain the best employees for the company this includes workforce planning, recruitment, screening, testing and interviewing candidates. The HR manager will also train and develop current workforce in line with company objectives as this tends to be cheaper than recruiting new staff, and it enables current staff to become focused on objectives. At companies such as Centrica each employee needs to develop a Personal Development Plan (PDP) which the line manager and HR manager monitors on a monthly basis, this feeds into the employee’s annual bonus and pay rise. The HR manager also needs to ensure the workplace for the employees is safe and employee’s wellbeing is being maintained and ensuring high performance is sustained across the organization .

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